Introducing New Artist Brad Howe

"Within This Horizon", 2016, Polished Stainless Steel, 20" x 40" x 14"

“Within This Horizon”, 2016, Polished Stainless Steel, 20″ x 40″ x 14″

Bonner David Galleries is proud to represent internationally known sculptor, Brad Howe. Currently living in California, Brad Howe began his career in Brazil after studying history at the University of Sao Paulo. His work presents the influence of inquiry into the aesthetics of various cultures and distinct movements in the continuum of art history. Having solo exhibitions in Germany, South Korea, France, Italy and Switzerland in addition to over two decades of solo showcases in this country, Howe is in numerous corporate, city, and museum collections.
One need only take a look at his carefully crafted surfaces, the plethora of colors he chooses for his work to understand the many influences which inspire his graceful work. In his words, “My sculptures examine vitality and celebrate beauty. Their aim is to capture the vigor of life and radiate with unabashed potentiality.” We invite you to come take a look at his works in our gallery. He also works on larger commissions for specific installations.

RATED “R” Show Opens Bonner David Galleries’ 14th Season

ratedr_oct2016_showsched371x270October 20-31, 2016
Behind our paper covered windows is a peep show of images all rated R to officially open our new season. With a special reception during art walk on Thursday, October 20th, we invite you to enjoy the dicey side of artists Max Hammond, Michael Carson, Karen Shapiro, John Schieffer, Todd Pierce, Peregrine Heathcote and partner in crime Christi Manuelito as they put on display graphic portrayals of the more sordid side of life. Open just 12 days this is a chance to find fine art which appeals to your seamier, secret side, in a very private setting.


Support our Shona Artists

Work by Shona sculptor Moses Nyanhongo

Work by Shona sculptor Moses Nyanhongo

Currently, the situation in Zimbabwe is bleak, to put it mildly.  Unemployment levels have surpassed 85% and cash shortages have caused the government to issue food credits instead of salaries.  Those that are not benefiting from the historic levels of corruption within the government (95% of the population) are faced with merely subsisting by any means necessary.  Recent protests have been ramping up and increasing as the dire situation is starting to bubble over on a large scale.  The response from the dictatorial government is always harsh and extreme, with the more vocal protest leaders going missing, and severe beatings being doled out during peaceful demonstrations.

For our Shona sculptors, who are largely apolitical, the situation is equally challenging.  Aside from the risk of moving around during the hotbed of protests throughout the country, their access to the various stone mines can be deemed unsafe for long periods.  On top of that, with all the news reports highlighting the instability and violence, tourism to the country has largely halted.  Fortunately, with the convenience of digital communication, we are continuing to communicate with our artists, and make selections from their recent works from photographs.

With an entire country at risk, we’re proud to be supporting such international stewards of peace, culture and artistic excellence.
To assist them in their pursuit of this distinctive art for, we are offering for the month of October only, an End of the Season Special Offer. This means special pricing on all of our current inventory only until October 31. Just give the gallery a call for details. We are working with our artists to bring in several new pieces of Shona sculpture for a special release during the month of November, therefore it is important that we support them with sales from our current pieces. We want to make sure this outstanding work continues and are working to aid our artists any way we can.

Work by Shona sculptor Agnes Nyanhongo

Work by Shona sculptor Agnes Nyanhongo

You can reach us at Bonner David Galleries at (480) 941-8500.

To view works by each of our Shona artists, please visit their pages below:

Agnes Nyanhongo

Collen Nyanhongo

Moses Nyanhongo

Wellington Nyanhongo

Dyana Hesson keeps on Exhibiting

Hesson's paintings on display at the Mayo Clinic are in the gallery on the first floor of the hospital by the outpatient waiting room.

Hesson’s paintings on display at the Mayo Clinic are in the gallery on the first floor of the hospital by the outpatient waiting room.

On the heels of her successful 25th anniversary show and publication of her book Radiance, gallery favorite Dyana Hesson has opened a new exhibition at the Mayo Clinic at 5777 E. Mayo Blvd. in Phoenix. Mayo Clinic is internationally known as a front-runner in healthcare and their selection of Dyana to showcase her work by their outpatient waiting area is another indication of their leadership.

Should you have occasion to visit Mayo, make sure you make a point to see Dyana’s work which will be on display through the end of October. Also mark your calendar for her annual show, opening April 20, 2017 with Claudia Hartley, entitled “Near and Far.”


LaDuke & Shapiro | “Reminisce”

"Ribbons" Robert LaDuke acrylic on panel

“Ribbons” | Robert LaDuke | acrylic on panel

Robert LaDuke and Karen Shapiro are two artists that are fond of things past. LaDuke paints old-fashioned cars and antique airplanes that take you back to a simpler time. Shapiro recreates pop icons from 30s to 50s, like retro-style Clinique lipstick and Heinz ketchup bottles. LaDuke and Shapiro want to remind people of their roots. Whether that’s a small town with simpler ways to travel, or growing up while playing with mom’s Revlon Mascara and helping dad finish off his Coke. While both artists are making sure that you’re still thinking about the good ol’ days, they have very different techniques.

LaDuke paints using vibrant acrylics that really draw you into the scene. His subjects – typically a retro form of transportation – are in front of other, small-town icons, like a local diner or an old-fashioned house. Shapiro, on the other hand, uses raku ceramic, a traditional form of ceramics that involves reducing the amount of oxygen in the firing process to give things a unique look.

7-Up Can

“7-Up Can” | Karen Shapiro | raku ceramic

LaDuke and Shapiro’s artist reception will take place on April 7, during the “Spring into the Arts” ArtWalk, from 6-9pm. Both shows will be up from then until April 25th. Make sure you stop in between now and then to see this colorful, filled-with-personality show.

Southwest ArtWalk featuring Claudia Hartley

HAR572Claudia Hartley is an artist who is always on the move. For her upcoming show, “Across the Country” well-known colorist exhibits her latests work as she trekked from South Carolina to Arizona, sketching as she passed through each state. Her distinctive, vibrant works catalogue her travels throughout the country. With this show, one thing is for sure: no matter the scenery, Claudia Hartley is ready to give you her own colorful persepctive.

Hartley’s upcoming exhibition will make it’s debut on Thursday, February 18th, with an opening reception from 6-9pm. Make sure you stop by the gallery and take your favorite of her latest works home.

Return to the Desert | Celebrating 25 Years of Paintings by Dyana Hesson

"I Left My Heart in Santa Barbara" oil on canvas  36" x 36"

“I Left My Heart in Santa Barbara”
oil on canvas
36″ x 36″

Bonner David Galleries is proud to be working with the The Desert Botanical Garden to present “Return to the Desert, Celebrating 25 Years of Paintings by Dyana Hesson,” a retrospective exhibition celebrating Dyana Hesson, one of the Southwest’s most beloved botanical artists. The exhibition will showcase the evolution of her original works as they return to the desert for this special occasion from January 29 to May 22, 2016.

Hesson is known for her vibrant, detailed paintings of botanicals ranging from roses, hibiscus, orchids, bromeliads, succulents to cactus flowers. Her technique creates beautifully illuminated paintings that truly celebrate her desert subjects. Hesson remarks, “When I paint something, what I try to hold in my mind if the moment that I saw it – looking through the lens on my camera or walking on the path and seeing it – the finished product reflects that initial beautiful moment.”

Hesson, who has been inspired by the Desert Botanical Garden for the entirety of her 25 years of painting as a fine artist, is particularly excited about this show because “Revisiting desert plants in my work is like coming home from a vacation.” She marvels at the twists and turns of the agave, the colorful hues within succulents. Botanicals are her favorite subjects, “I want to honor the Desert Botanical Gardens and highlight what inherently grows here.”

With an impressive list of over thirty juried shows and prizes, Hesson is exhibited nationwide and loved by all. Her show will be hanging in the Ottosen Gallery at the Desert Botanical Gardens until May 22nd. While you’re there, be sure you explore the richness of the desert and take home a painting that captures the scene in a way only Dyana Hesson can.


Joseph Lorusso | “Scenes From the City”

Nationally known figurative artist Joseph Lorusso will have his debut show with Bonner David Galleries on Thursday, January 21, from 6-9pm. His paintings depict the natural beauty, intrigue, and romance of urban life. “As with any new work, I am interested in the reaction from the viewer. My work is mostly narrative in nature – the viewer’s interpretation is meaningful,” Joseph says. “These works have an edginess and ephemeral quality that I’ve been having fun exploring.” With this show, Lorusso is venturing into cityscapes, trying to keep them loose yet atmospheric and powerful.

Although he is not a stranger to Scottsdale, Lorusso is eager to exhibit his latest body of work in a new setting.  Collectors will recognize his poignant, familiar style and should be delighted to experience his insights into the simplicity and complexity of everyday relationships. His show will be hanging in our gallery from January 21 to February 9, so make sure you stop in between now and then to take your favorite piece of his home!

January Featured Artists | Gail Morris & David Gordon

Gordon - Glass 12

David Gordon

Morris - Blue Kisses

Gail Morris

January’s featured artists, Gail Morris and David Gordon, are masters at using colors in a way you never could have imagined. Morris, who works primarily with the landscapes of the Western United States, creates beautifully minimalistic pieces that are both traditional in subject but contemporary in abstractedness. The images of her landscapes can be reduced down to just a few clean lines, rich with color. In conjunction with Morris, this month we are also featuring David Gordon, who uses colors to bring his sculptural glass pieces to life.  Gordon uses a special type of low-optic glass that allows his pigments to appear the exact color he originally mixed. Both Gordon and Morris have a very unique style and we are very happy to be featuring them for the month. Stop by the gallery before the end of the month to make sure you’re able to add your favorite of their paintings to your collection!

Ellen: The Little Girl Who Found Her Voice

ellen-book-front-coverEllen Skidmore has always had trouble communicating. Her speech impediment prevented her from expressing herself, which lead to a lot of sadness for a long time. Ellen said, “All my life I have had great difficulty trying to understand the underlying nature of my existence. For a long time, I looked outside myself for connection, direction and validation. I searched and struggled with this until I could go on no more and felt my spirit was broken.”

In college, Skidmore started looking into art therapy and found a professor who really challenged her. She found that painting was the place where she was at peace. “Part of the painting process is to paint your pain and it somehow morphs into beauty,” Ellen explains, “I could paint something really sad and someone could say ‘oh my god, that just makes me so happy.'” Ellen found happiness in painting, and she really wanted to share that with people.

When thinking of how she could share her own story of accepting herself, she thought about creating a children’s book. “My own story came out in a flurry,” she remembers, “Making the book was a labor of love and it’s been very cathartic.”

Ellen wants her own story to inspire children to be more accepting of themselves. She said, “I’m just really hopeful that it will be inspiring to children, and girls especially, I want them to be captain of their own ship.” Writing her book, Ellen was able to reflect on how painting has changed her own view of herself.

Ellen is debuting a new show this week with an opening reception on Thursday, December 17th, from 6-9pm. We are so excited to see her book and her latest works on display at our gallery! You can learn more about Ellen and her remarkable story through this video.