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Live Shona Sculpting!

We were so excited to have Collen Nyanhongo sculpting in the gallery! Last Saturday Collen created “All For You”, which was sold the same day to a collector who had come to observe. Witnessing the sculpting process and his attention to every detail only  gives one more admiration for Collen’s stunning work. For those of you who […]

Shona Sculpture Opening!

Join us at Bonner David Galleries this Thursday October 22, 2009 from 6-9pm for the opening of the Shona Sculpture Show “Infinite Harmony”. Collen, Moses, Wellington, and Agnes Nyanhongo, a  recognized family in Shona sculpture, as well  Colleen Madamombe will exhibit their latest works of spiritual and figurative art. Collen and Moses Nyanhongo will be […]

Zimbabwe Tradition Makes a Mark on Contemporary Sculpture

The Zimbabwe Sculpture Movement, known internationally as “Shona sculpture,” was born in the late 1950s with the opening of the first National Gallery of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The inaugural director Frank McEwen established a workshop within the gallery to encourage the creation of indigenous art among the local community.  Before being exiled by the white […]

Nate Ronniger paints at Barney's Scottsdale

Our own Nate Ronniger was selected by designer/artist John-Paul Philippé to be an integral member of his team with all of the hand painted wall designs throughout the new Barney’s, Scottsdale. As part of our own intrigue, as well as a desire to provide all our friends with the inside scoop, we decided it best […]

"The Magnificent 7"

BonnerDavid has shared a video with you on YouTube: © 2009 YouTube, LLC This recent design project sponsored by Scottsdale Fashion Square helps promote the opening of its new east wing.  Read more about the new wing which includes the prestigious Barney’s-New York (Frontdoors). Bonner David Galleries believes it is vital to support our local arts community!  Participating […]