"The Magnificent 7"

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This recent design project sponsored by Scottsdale Fashion Square helps promote the opening of its new east wing.  Read more about the new wing which includes the prestigious Barney’s-New York (Frontdoors). Bonner David Galleries believes it is vital to support our local arts community!  Participating in creative events like this one helps Scottsdale become one of the top art destinations in the world.                                                                                            

Coordinating with artists from all over the country Bonner David Galleries shipped each section to their artists’ studios.  With each body part as a blank canvas, the artists went to work painting in their own signature styles. The only direction given was the use of the color yellow.  As the pieces trickled in one by one, our magnificent muse emerged..             

Our magnificent mannequin will be on display in Scottsdale Fashion Square October 15-18, 2009

While you’re in the area don’t forget to stop by the gallery to say hello we’d love to see you! (Location and Hours)