Nate Ronniger paints at Barney's Scottsdale

Our own Nate Ronniger was selected by designer/artist John-Paul Philippé to be an integral member of his team with all of the hand painted wall designs throughout the new Barney’s, Scottsdale.

As part of our own intrigue, as well as a desire to provide all our friends with the inside scoop, we decided it best to interview Nate about the project. Here is what he has to say about his unique experience.


Bonner David: How did you become connected with this project? Did Barney’s approach you?

Ronniger: I actually answered an ad on Craigslist. They were looking for someone to assist John-Paul Philippé who is the main artist for Barney’s. He does all their stores. I basically submitted a resume and they chose me out of hundreds of applicants. It’s funny because I rarely look on Craigslist, but I happened across the ad and it really intrigued me.

Bonner David: How long did it take?

Ronniger: Originally it was supposed to take 2 weeks but it ended up taking 3. Some days we worked for 11 hours. We painted two 100 ft walls, the restaurant, and many other areas. We also installed two huge sculptures, one in the jewelry department and the other outside the doors on the second floor. It was a lot of work, but also a really great experience.

Bonner David: How was it working with John-Paul Philippé?

Ronniger: It was awesome. He works in a completely different way than I do. He basically knew what color palette he was going to use and then did all the planning and design on site. It was amazing to see how he works. From time to time he would ask for my input on how something looked, but most of the time he was spot on. On the other hand, I plan everything out in advance. Also, the project and John-Paul’s work have a lot of geometric influences…which is why I think I connected with it so much. I like to play with geometry and graphic shapes in my own work.

Bonner David: Would you do it again?

Ronniger: In a second! It was so interesting to watch this whole project transform before my eyes. When we started it was a blank canvas. I got to watch the entire progression and be a part of that. It was an amazing experience.

They are opening a new store in Japan. If they are interested I am in!

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