"The Figure Takes Form" New Works by Michael Carson

Well known figurative artist Michael  Carson will debut his latest collection on December 3, 2010 from 6-9pm at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ (Location and Hours). Carson has been a mainstay at Bonner David since 2006 attracting acclaim from critiques and collectors all over the U.S. Last year American Art Collector Magazine raved about Carson’s work (to read the full article click here Michael Carson in AAC). They loved him so much they just had to feature him again…Don’t miss Michael’s profile in this month’s issue of AAC!

Best known for his broad brushstrokes, use of color, and enticing settings; Carson represents his subjects in familiar arenas such as nightclubs, jazz bars, café’s, and intimate rooms.

When asked about his style Carson states, “My work is first and foremost figurative studies. It’s what I like to paint, my biggest challenge and my greatest payoff. My nondescript surroundings help me create a mood or a story that I am trying to relay through my painting. Inspiration comes from architectural interiors as well as fashion and my work allows me to explore and explain this side of myself. Seeing how the work evolves, the subtle and the drastic differences, and looking forward to the future is what keeps me painting. I view a painting as a success when I take from it something new that follows me into my next work.” 

"Blue Window" by Michael Carson

While Carson continues to entice us with his captivating figures, he is now also making strides in the genre of sculpting. With the upcoming show approaching, and excitement over the new bronze sculptures growing, we just had to know more about this inspired new collection. So, we sent our intern Elizabeth on a mission to get the full scoop!

Elizabeth: What made you want to start sculpting?

Carson: I have always wanted to try sculpting, but it was important to me to concentrate on one medium for a good period of time, from a technical standpoint as well as a business one.

Elizabeth: Was it something you had always thought you might do? Why have you decided to make that transition now?
Carson: I guess I started it when I was feeling a little inspirational blockage from painting and just needed a new creative diversion.

Elizabeth: What is the inspiration for all of your new works?
Carson: My inspiration is still the figure. I’ve had people say that some of my sculptures resemble characters from my paintings and that is just fine by me.

Elizabeth: Have you noticed an evolution in your painting since taking up the sculpting that, perhaps, you had not expected?

Carson: Yes, I have seen sculpting affect my painting tremendously! The act of having to see something in 3 dimensions is a very trying exercise. As you turn a piece around you literally have to get all angles correct and that is very technical, especially when you do not have the perfect reference and have to conceive it in your mind. But, as I go to paint I find myself seeing the figure in multiple angles and that is always helpful in correcting your drawing skills. I feel it has made me a better figure painter. But what I love about sculpting is not worrying about color. Color is tricky and complicated for me and it is nice to just work a piece and not have to consider that. The actual act of working with the hands is a great experience as well. The first couple of days my hands were so sore, it really is quite a physical practice.

"Flapper" by Michael Carson (original clay)

"Flapper" by Michael Carson (original clay)

You can discover Michael Carson’s latest collection of 1920’s inspired paintings and bronze sculpture at Bonner David Galleries. For more information or to receive a listing of the full collection please contact us at art@bonnerdavid.com or call 480.941.8500


A Momentous Season…

shona 423

Collen, Moses, Gedion and Family

With summer finally at its close and fall upon us here in Arizona  the air is cool once again and the streets of Old Town Scottsdale are alive. We kicked off the season with two incredible shows. “Infinite Harmony” debuted October 22, 2009 to a packed house. Brother’s Collen and Moses were representing the Nyanhongo family of sculptors, and older brother Gedion came with his family to show his support. The entire family was beaming with pride, and the evening was a huge success!

This past thursday we unveiled “Romantic Reflections” a new collection by British artist Peregrine Heathcote. The evening was filled with excitement as guests experienced his exquisite pre-war era paintings of glamorous travel and sophisticated style. Peregrine was not able to attend in person due to an injury, but joined us via video conference from London. This was a first for

heathcote show nov.09 new3

Entering the gallery

the gallery as well as Heathcote and it worked out marvelously well. Collectors were able to talk with him one-on- one, as he shared stories about the settings, characters, and spectacular clothing depicted in each painting. From time to time he also treated guests to personal anecdotes about his life. We all had such a wonderful time!

heathcote show nov.09 new5

Collectors talking with Heathcote online via Skype

If you were not able to attend the openings, the entire Shona Sculpture show and Heathcote collection will be on display through the month of November. These collections are even more stunning  in person so we encourage you to come by the gallery if you are in the area. You can also visit  our website at  to view all the available works.

It has been quite a momentous season so far. Art is a vital element in our local community, helping to shape the culture and prosperity of our city. Scottsdale is quickly becoming one of the most recognized destinations for fine art, and we are thrilled to be part of this incredible movement! Without the support and participation of the city as well as the dedication of the Scottsdale Gallery Association, local business, and art enthusiasts, none of this would be possible. Over the years we have seen the transformation and witnessed first hand the magnitude to which art impacts everyone around us. Here at the gallery we believe strongly in the health and vitality of our community and do our part to support local businesses as well as encourage a “greener” Scottsdale. Our gallery owner Christi Manuelito uses scrap metal in her artwork, and the gallery sources all our printing, framing, and mailing services from independently owned and operated local businesses. This is just our way of giving back!

green-street-scottsdale-logo12009 is coming to an end, but not without a bang! The city of Scottsdale is hosting “Green Street” this coming Thursday November 12, 2009 in honor of a sustainable Scottsdale. Many local businesses, artists, and musicians will participate in the event.  We strongly believe in the cause and hope everyone can come out to help promote a “greener” and more sustainable city.

Blue Window

"Blue Window" by Michael Carson

The gallery has one more big show planned for 2009. Thursday December 3 from 6-9pm marks the opening of the newest works from figurative painter Michael Carson, as well as his latest endeavor, bronze sculpture. Four Peaks brewery is sponsoring the show, and it will be an amazing evening! For more information about the opening visit our events page.

It has been an incredible season so far and we are looking forward to bringing you more new work from our whole family of artists in 2010. The art community of Old Town is in full swing and now is the time to come out and enjoy all the cultural events this exciting city has to offer. We hope to see you soon!


"Romantic Reflections" Introducing Peregrine Heathcote

We are thrilled to introduce you to the work of British born contemporary figurative artist Peregrine Heathcote. Heathcote is the newest artist to join Bonner David Galleries. His paintings have been exhibited worldwide and have won the interests of many including the Royal Academy of Arts and the BBC.

"Transatlantic Adventure" by Peregrine Heathcote

Peregrine Heathcote’s work captures the cinematic charm of the past and the sophistication of class by showing the opulent ways of life portrayed by a vast array of characters, fashions, modes of transportation, and emotions. Influenced by family and his childhood years spent in Britain and Dubai, Heathcote’s epic pieces leave the mind to ponder about the stories that motivate his vivid paintings.

Featured in this month’s issue of American Art Collector, Heathcote shares his interest in using props passed down through the generations as inspiration for his work. “In this way my pictures evolve. I want to present scenes that capture the romantic imagination, where the viewer is taken into another world of mystery and glamour . ”  -Read the full article Peregrine Heatcote AAC Article

Quickly making a name for himself in the Southwest, his work is also featured in Southwest Art Magazine and Desert Living Magazine!

EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE  46 x 32 inches

"Even More Than Before" by Peregrine Heathcote

This Thursday November 5th, 2009 from  6-9pm   Bonner David galleries will exhibit Heathcote’s newest works. This will be Peregrine’s first showing  in Arizona and he will be joining us via video conference on Skype. The evening also marks the annual Old Town Scottsdale “Wearable Artwalk” in honor of Scottsdale Fashion week. Heathcote’s work is the perfect compliment for this evening, showcasing timeless sophistication and elegance.

We hope you can join us at the gallery and experience this stunning collection! (Location and Hours).

For more information about Peregrine Heathcote’s collection please contact us at art@bonnerdavid.com.