All posts for the month February, 2010

A Night of Stars

Despite the rain, Saturday evening was a true “Night of Stars” at the Phoenix Art Museum Contemporary Forum art auction and dinner.  The Bonner David hosted table was glittering with participating artists Quim Bove’ and Max Hammond as well as collector Glynis Bryan who was sparkling with her new purchase of well known artist David […]

"Through the Season's" by Romona Youngquist

Bonner David Galleries is excited to showcase new works by renown landscape artist Romona Youngquist. From the time Youngquist was a child, she knew she was meant to be an artist. Romona spent her days exploring the woods and gazing up in awe at the storms that often filled the Eastern Oklahoma sky. She developed […]

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Afternoon Break with Brad Aldridge

After a long and busy Monday, I am in need of a little inspiration before heading home to face the chores that await. As I finish my list of to do’s, I am captivated by a Brad Aldridge painting. The sounds of car doors, packing tape, ringing phones, and pop music disappear. All I can hear is the rustle of leaves […]

"Color Color Everywhere": Claudia Hartley

We are thrilled once again to welcome back Claudia Hartley to our gallery with her newest collection Color Color Everywhere. Hartley is a renowned landscape artist whose brilliantly-colored paintings have graced the walls of galleries and museums throughout the nation. Hartley is distinctively known for her vibrant, bold artwork of open scenery from the U.S. […]

Where You There?

We just couldn’t resist sharing photos from Dyana Hesson’s “My Arizona” opening and charity event. The evening was a huge success with red dots lining the walls. Over 150 people came out to see Dyana’s stunning new paintings and support the Show Hope Foundation. The evening raised $4,500 for Show Hope who will grant the money to a family […]