A Night of Stars

Despite the rain, Saturday evening was a true “Night of Stars” at the Phoenix Art Museum Contemporary Forum art auction and dinner.  The Bonner David hosted table was glittering with participating artists Quim Bove’ and Max Hammond as well as collector Glynis Bryan who was sparkling with her new purchase of well known artist David Kessler’s latest work on aluminum to add to her already impressive collection.

The evening began with cocktails and a chance to view both silent and live auction items and a chance to mingle with lovers of contemporary art from throughout the Valley.  Bonner David collector Bobbie Haas was honored for her numerous contributions to the museum, the latest being a Magritte, positioning her among the major donors to the museum. 

Bidding was fast and furious on the nearly 100 pieces during the evening.  A bidding war ensued on Max Hammond’s piece “Navigate” which was the first Bonner David painting sold during the evening.  Quim Bove’s signature piece “Nova Stream” was one of three items specially displayed in a stellar constellation of its own, available only to bidders wishing to bid to purchase at just below retail price.  Finally, Henry Stinson’s pair “Planned Obsolescence” and “The Devil’s in the Details” were sold to a savvy collector by the conclusion of the evening as well.

In total, the auction raised over $190,000 to be used to purchase new contemporary work for PAM’s already distinguished collection.  Bonner David is proud to be a partner with Contemporary Forum to showcase distinguished contemporary art for our community.

Contributed by Clark David Olson


"Through the Season's" by Romona Youngquist

Bonner David Galleries is excited to showcase new works by renown landscape artist Romona Youngquist. From the time Youngquist was a child, she knew she was meant to be an artist. Romona spent her days exploring the woods and gazing up in awe at the storms that often filled the Eastern Oklahoma sky. She developed an early appreciation for the beauty and contrasts in nature, and though self-taught, she feels it’s only fair to cite nature as her real teacher. 

 Romona describes her paintings as a formula between color and value relationships. She believes that her understanding of these relationships comes from a life of studying nature and the environment. Youngquist’s paintings are inspired by understated landscapes, as she enjoys painting scenery that she finds elegant but commonplace at the same time. For Youngquist, finding interesting things to paint is a long process, as they have to be just right to catch her eye. Her use of vivid colors against soft neutral backdrops emphasizes the breathtaking effects that nature offers, which are often overlooked.

"High Water" by Romona Youngquist

 “I can come upon an ordinary scene I’ve seen a zillion times and there is a special light that hits this scene….and I stop in my tracks” ~Romona Youngquist   

Youngquist’s latest work reflects what is most near and dear to her, with more rural scenery inspired by the picturesque countryside near her home. These paintings add drama and tension to her famous peaceful scenes. Youngquist’s latest works are reminiscent of her paintings from previous collections, but with greater emphasis on sunlight and shadows during the changing seasons.   

In anticipation of her upcoming show we talked with Romona about her career, her life, and what inspires her most. Here is what she shared with us:   

Bonner David: What is your reason for only painting landscapes in a 25 mile radius from your home?   

Youngquist: I believe in painting mostly what you know. For me, that is the landscape that I see everyday. I need to have an emotional attachment to what I paint, and I love the place where I live. I am very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s scenic in a quiet, rural way. Some areas are like stepping back in time, but then you see all the beautiful vineyards. We really have it all here in Oregon. One of my favorite painters, Russell Chatham, does the same thing, and I think it’s really helped him create his own genre of landscape painting.   

Bonner David: Was there a particular moment as a child when you knew that you were destined to be a painter?   

Youngquist: At age 4, when my preschool teacher, bless her heart, loved a chicken I drew and showed it to the entire class. At that moment she said I was “an artist.” But more importantly was the feeling of pure joy while creating art that all started with that chicken.   

Bonner David: What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?   

Youngquist: Have a cup of coffee and curl up with a good book surrounded by all my animals.   

Bonner David: Do you have any other creative talents?   

Youngquist: I have a beautiful garden that I love to tend, I bake like crazy, and I read way too much. But I really love to sing. My friend Sandy and I often go to a karaoke spot. My favorite songs to sing are Cowboy Junkies’ “Sweet Jane”, Mazzy Star’s “Fade into You,” and Portishead’s “Sour Times”–obscure songs nobody knows. But the real show stealer is when my husband has had a little too much to drink and does Kung Fu Fighting- with all the moves!   

Bonner David: If you were not a painter, what would you be?    

Youngquist: A Food Network Star…seriously…I auditioned in Portland last year. I fear the reason I didn’t make it was the answer to “What is your favorite food memory?” My answer was, “fried squirrel dinner when I was a kid.”   

"Country Sunflowers" by Romona Youngquist

Youngquist is featured in this month’s issue of American Art Collector (Read the full article- RomonaYoungquist-American Art Coll. Feb 2010).

Romona’s breathtaking work will be on display at her upcoming show “Through the Seasons” at Bonner David Galleries (Map and Hours) February 25, 2010 through March 10, 2010. There will be a special artist reception on February 25, 2010 from 6:00 to 9:00pm. We hope you have a chance to come discover her stunning paintings and meet her in person.


Afternoon Break with Brad Aldridge

After a long and busy Monday, I am in need of a little inspiration before heading home to face the chores that await. As I finish my list of to do’s, I am captivated by a Brad Aldridge painting. The sounds of car doors, packing tape, ringing phones, and pop music disappear. All I can hear is the rustle of leaves and a peaceful flowing river. I am instantly taken away, entranced by the tranquility of this painting. After returning from my day-dream I realize something;  rushing streams, soft breezes, and sunsets are all around me, I just needed to take a moment and look!

"Sunset River Bend" by Brad Aldridge / oil on panel / 31.5" x 42.5"

 Inspired Landscape from: The Seine River, Near La Roche Giuyen, France 



"Color Color Everywhere": Claudia Hartley

"The Color Dance" by Claudia Hartley

We are thrilled once again to welcome back Claudia Hartley to our gallery with her newest collection Color Color Everywhere. Hartley is a renowned landscape artist whose brilliantly-colored paintings have graced the walls of galleries and museums throughout the nation. Hartley is distinctively known for her vibrant, bold artwork of open scenery from the U.S. and around the world. Her passion for the West brought her to Arizona over 10 years ago.

We are tremendously fortunate to have been exhibiting Hartley’s breathtaking work in our gallery for several years. With each debut, our collectors’ passion for her vibrant collections grows. Her current paintings include scenes from the West as well as colorful works from sketches of her travels abroad. 

"Salt River Canyon" by Claudia Hartley

Hartley’s latest compilation showcases awe-inspiring landscapes of Arizona. The harmony that exists between warm and cool tones shows the true beauty of several famous Arizona landmarks including Sedona and Bartlett Lake. Hartley’s signature technique of broad brushstrokes appears more blended in some images and more pronounced in others, allowing for softness in her work, while maintaining the integrity of her characteristic style. Several of her new pieces are plein air paintings. These stunning pieces magnificently capture the essence of the southwest and picturesque landscapes from her travels. 

Hartley’s has truly outdone herself with this new collection. We just had to speak with this master colorist to get the inside scoop on her brilliantly rich landscapes of the astonishing Southwest. Here is what she shared about her new collection: 

Bonner David: What was your inspiration for Color Color Everywhere

Hartley: Color and scenes that mean something to me. I was so grateful that my broken ankle healed enough to hike again that I really enjoyed making the smaller plein air paintings, then creating larger studio pieces from them. 

Bonner David: How do you feel this collection is different from your previous ones? 

Hartley: I am painting more plein air, and really enjoying it. I began this all the way back in art school in the 60’s, and still enjoy being outdoors in the midst of nature. 

Bonner David: What do you hope your audience experiences from your artwork? 

Hartley: JOY! I hope they will share with me my gratefulness to God that this year I am walking, as opposed to last year when I was on a walker. 

"Path of Many Colors" by Claudia Hartley

Hartley is represented in this month’s issue of Western Art Collector (Click here to read the entire article – Hartley Western Art Feb 2010). Hartley’s opening reception for her latest collection Color Color Everywhere will be held at Bonner David Galleries (map) on February 11, 2010 from 6 pm-9 pm. This will truly be an amazing experience, and we hope you stop by to see her stunning artwork firsthand! 

To read her full bio and view a complete collection of her work please click here. 

If you would like to receive more information about Claudia Hartley or to obtain a preview of the upcoming collection please contact us at art@bonnerdavid.com or call us at 480.941. 8500.


Where You There?

We just couldn’t resist sharing photos from Dyana Hesson’s “My Arizona” opening and charity event. The evening was a huge success with red dots lining the walls. Over 150 people came out to see Dyana’s stunning new paintings and support the Show Hope Foundation. The evening raised $4,500 for Show Hope who will grant the money to a family needing financial assistance with their adoption. Many adoptive families were in attendance, showing their support and commitment to Dyana who has graciously dedicated many of her openings to the cause.

“Circle of Friends” a limited edition giclee was given to one lucky guest, as well as custom label wine from the award-winning Su Vino Winery,  “Dyana Hesson”, a fine art book featuring works and writings from her show, autographed CD’s from Steven Curtis Chapman and Vee Ronna Ragone, as well as handmade hair accessories by Bloom. “Ray of Hope”, an original oil on canvas painting created especially by Hesson to raise awareness about adoption, was auctioned to the highest bidder who at the final moment text in the winning bid!

Dyana would like to thank to all her guest’s and sponsors whose generosity will flood the world with light and hope, one child at a time!

All photos courtesy of  SANDI BRADSHAW “Treasure the Time Photography”

See all the photos from the evening on our Facebook page!

Special thank you to: Su Vino Winery, Trudy Maples, Wind River Construction Inc., Vee Ronna Ragone, Sandi Eaton Bradshaw, Bloom Accessories, and Jennifer Argabright.