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Melissa Peck featured on cover/article @

Melissa Peck featured on cover/article @artcalendar we are so proud! Check out more of her amazing work Click here to read the full article Art Calendar Peck If you like this Please Share! Hide Sites

"Buzzing in Berlin"

 This past April I enjoyed a week-long trip to Berlin; my first in that amazing city.  Perhaps most striking is the contradiction of old and new which influences every dimension of the city from culture to architecture to art to the very people themselves.  One can’t help but be captivated by the combination of old […]

"Nature's Magic" by Jane Jones-First Public Release!

We had a wonderful time last night with Jane Jones at the opening of her latest collection “Nature’s Magic”. The show will hang through June 16, 2010. While we would love for everyone to visit the gallery to experience the true essence of Jane’s work, we understand that in our global era, this is not always possible. […]

Lane Timothy "Stumbling Toward Enlightenment"

With the success of his career in full swing it would almost appear as though art chose Lane, not the other way around.   At the early age of seven Lane Timothy sold his first painting for $10. By sixteen he was well known around town, receiving commissions to paint mascots in school hallways and on […]

"Stumbling Toward Enlightenment" Henry Stinson

What do monsters, martinis, and a vacuum cleaner have in common?    They are all part of the new collection from contemporary artist Henry Stinson!    For those familiar with his work this should come as no surprise. For those who aren’t… welcome to extraordinary world of Henry Stinson! The imagination and passion he illustrates with […]

Arizona Artist Redefines Sustainable Art

It appears as though Mitch Fry has been up to something quite intriguing in his studio. One might ponder the countless projects taking place behind those walls. The large size of the studio itself excites the imagination to the possibility of something spectacular emerging.    With a background in handcrafted furniture Mitch is no stranger to […]

"Moore Family Visual Biography" Revealed!

  As promised here is a photo of the final painting                 …drum roll please…. “Moore Family Visual Biography”commission by Christi Manuelito The unveiling was a huge success. Family and Friends showed their support and we all tried to hold back our tears of joy as Clark and Max rolled away the wall the to reveal […]