Arizona Artist Redefines Sustainable Art

Mitch Fry in his studio

It appears as though Mitch Fry has been up to something quite intriguing in his studio. One might ponder the countless projects taking place behind those walls. The large size of the studio itself excites the imagination to the possibility of something spectacular emerging.   

With a background in handcrafted furniture Mitch is no stranger to fine woodworking. Eight years ago Fry opened a custom furniture shop, but with the recession offering less opportunity for him to share his craftsmanship, he dedicated himself to his art. Fry’s passion for sustainable building has produced a stunning and unimaginable piece of art.   

Emerging from the Studio

The completed work revealed a 900-pound wooden sphere measuring 8-feet in diameter!  Constructed bit by bit using precise calculations, Mitch formulated the sphere using a good old calculator, drafting table, and a lot of patience. Each piece of wood was first cut into a small block, then measured and cut again to match the exact specifications of the formula. Fry admits that the challenge of fashioning a perfectly round sphere from linear pieces was inviting at first; but creating a simple form from seemingly simple calculations, turned out to be quite a complex process.   

The project won Mitch a  grant from The Contemporary Forum, a support organization of the Phoenix Art Museum. Now Fry has the opportunity to  create a work to be displayed at the museum in May. A plan to recreate the sphere using the same principles of sustainability is literally in the woodwork, using redwood from renewable lumber forests. 

"Completing the Circle I" 96" in diameter

"Completing the Circle I" in progress

We want to congratulate and honor Mitch  for creating work that inspires us all  to rethink our approach to sustainable art. The sphere is stunning, elegant, simple, and yet extravagantly complex.  You truly must experience if first hand.    

So where can one witness the magnitude of this work of art?   

Mitch Fry will be accepting his award at the Contemporary Forum’s Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation on May 12th, 2010 at the Phoenix Art Museum at 7:00 p.m. This event is open to the public and we invite everyone to join. The exhibition will run for about a month and can be viewed in the Rineberg Gallery.     

Bonner David Galleries (map) is proud to represent Mitch Fry and will be displaying his work continuously. Please come by the gallery to view more works from the “Completing the Sphere” collection. For more information contact us at 480.941.8500 or email us at   

or contact the Contemporary Forum 

View more photos of the project on our Facebook page