“Coffee With…” by Eve Plumb

Eve Plumb

Known for her role as Jan on the Brady Brunch, Eve Plumb has set aside the glitz and glam of Hollywood to entertain her audiences with casual paintings that depict one of life’s most simple pleasures: coffee with friends.

When asked about what inspired her hew collection “Coffee With…” Eve replied: “I had the idea to ask friends to invite me over for a cup of coffee; then I’d take photographs to use for paintings. The surprising thing that happened was that they ended up being portraits of the people and their environments. I also took photos in favorite cafes and restaurants. I find that choosing a specific subject matter really brings focus to the work, yet allows for discovery that was unexpected.”

Eve’s work invites us to recall our own fond memories of sharing such beautiful experiences with friends and families. Simple moments truly can last a lifetime. Reminding us of this, while also providing a glimpse into her personal experiences, Eve illustrates the mood, characters, and storyline of each carefully planned scene. Using art as an outlet for her creativity, Eve has proven she is a master storyteller, intriguing audiences with each performance on her canvas.

As a special treat, we are sharing a few of Eve’s favorite paintings and stories for everyone to experience. Her newest collection will debut July 8, 2010 from 6:00-9:00pm at Bonner David Galleries. Enjoy!

"At Kates" by Eve Plumb

My friend Kate is a vibrant person with very red hair. The cup and stool are really the only red things in her house, however. It was coincidental that I put them together on the spur of the moment.


"At Farmer's Market Los Angeles"

 I’ve always loved The Original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, and their tables and chairs have been in use for decades. The tabletops are in lots of different colors, and this blue was really strong in the sunshine.

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