Come Visit Us in Arizona!

Lately there’s been too much talk about boycotts and the negativity surrounding policies in Arizona.  While no laws have yet taken effect, the boycotts and attitudes have already hurt our beautiful state and particularly the businesses that rely on tourism.  Today we had a breath of fresh air from some visitors from Texas who, courtesy of a Dallas radio station and a foresighted travel planner, brought 40 people to Arizona, not only to tour our lovely state, but to provide some much-needed economic revenue to businesses.  We appreciate such efforts!  Whatever your politics, Arizona remains a wonderful place to vacation, convention, and tour.  We are proud to have been a small business in Arizona now having recently celebrated our 8th anniversary here on Main Street.  We invite all our out of state friends to make a trip to Arizona in the near future, enjoy the beauty of our state and stop by to visit with us at Bonner David and see what wonderful artistic sights we have for sale!