Peregrine Heathcote’s latest work

“Roots and Wings” by Peregrine Heathcote 

 It has been exactly one year since we first debuted the work of internationally known British figurative artist Peregrine Heathcote. With the success of his 2009 show in full swing, Heathcote propelled into a whirlwind 2010. The artist received accolades worldwide for his romantic depictions of pre-war era travel garnering the interest of the BBC as well as the Royal Academy of the Arts. Most recently, Heathcote received an honorable mention in Southwest Art Magazine 21 over 31 competition.  Click here for article: Southwest Art

Bonner David Galleries is thrilled to welcome Heathcote back for his second season, and this year promises to be even better. With dramatic new paintings showcasing the glamour of travel, full of mystery and romance, viewers are sure to be swept away to an ear gone by. Join us on December 2, 2010 from 6-9pm and enjoy the stunning new works of Peregrine Heathcote’s “Root and Wings”

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Who is Eric Bowman?

The gallery was a buzz as the first paintings from artist Eric Bowman started arriving. On the recommendation of John Burton, a plein-air and figurative artist we have represented for years, Clark and Christi extended and invitation for Bowman to join our “whole family of fine art.” Bowman is already showing in other galleries with a few of our other family members Romona Youngquist and Rich Bowan, so Eric was an obvious fit for the gallery. The first day we hung “Dignity” the reviews were unanimous. Collectors and art lovers all agreed on what we already knew: Eric Bowman’s work is incredible! Having already received numerous accolades as well as corporate and commercial commissions, Bowman does not need us to tell him of his talents; however we are sure he doesn’t mind a few “oh’s” and “ah’s” from time to time.

Being such a well known artist, it is easy for us to recite his many accomplishments to collectors and fans. However, here at Bonner David Galleries, we believe knowing who the artist is and what inspires him is just as relevant to the stunning works on canvas that represent them.

So, who is Eric Bowman?

Originally from Southern California, Eric began his career as an illustrator, a surf board illustrator to be exact. But with such natural and raw talent, we suppose it was only natural for Bowman to move into other genres of artistic expression. These days Bowman is living with his family in the Pacific Northwest and creating original oil paintings. Eric is far from his childhood days in Southern California and surf boards. As a mature artist he spends his summers exploring the gorgeous Oregon coast, looking for inspiration for his next plein-air painting. In the winter months you can find him in his studio exploring the human form. Loving music as well as art, Bowan’s figurative work many times reflects his nostalgia for jazz music and performances. Recently he has been exploring the musical genres of his parents’ era.  Inspired by such greats as the Mills Brothers, as well as Brazilian Samba, Eric finds himself recalling his youth and memories of harmonies of blues and jazz playing in the background.

As new pieces continue to arrive at the gallery, our admiration for Eric Bowman grows. We are so thrilled to welcome him to the gallery and just know you will love discovering the stunning works of this renowned artist! To get you started click here to read his full bio and view all the latest pieces.  Enjoy!

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