All posts for the month February, 2011


Bonner David Galleries is excited to present the works of Comanche artist, Nocona Burgess.  In his upcoming show, “Welcome,” Burgess balances both traditional and contemporary styles in his representations of deceased Native American figures, warriors and cowboys.  Nocona uses loose brushstrokes creating less defined lines, while breaking up space with circles and squares, as this […]

Flower Fields, Cottage Gardens, Sunny Days

  This year, Bonner David Galleries has the pleasure of presenting Romona Youngquist’s exquisite landscape paintings in her show “Flower Fields, Cottage Gardens, Sunny Days.” This upcoming collection will leave the viewer breathless. The large-scale paintings capture the majestic beauty of Oregon’s most precious natural elements.  Through her use of vivid colors against soft neutral […]

City Streets and Country Roads

Claudia Hartley and John Harrell are ringing in the month of love with a combination of beautiful country landscapes and urban city streets. Hartley and Harrell are both familiar with and inspired by the magnificent features of the outdoors. Both of these artists capture a distinct mood in their work. Hartley’s work creates happy moments […]