“Off Key, On Point”


"Silver Horn Solo" 8" x 10"

Bonner David Galleries’ upcoming show in June features talented figurative artist Eric Bowman. Bowman has done a wide variety of work over the last several years from commercial work to book and CD covers. His show, “Off Key, On Point,” is centered on his love for classical dance and jazz music. He is able to portray elegance and grace of dancers through his brushstrokes that move ever so elegantly. His paintings of jazz musicians and singers almost make you want to snap your fingers while gazing at the detail of his composition. These new works inspire one to want to dance, sing, or paint. 

Bowman answered some questions to help us better understand the man behind the brush. 

How did you start painting? 

Eric Bowman:  My father used to oil paint as a hobby, so I was around it since I was a toddler. I started painting seriously right out of high school in different mediums.  I’m self taught and still learning and developing (which is a life-long endeavor if you’re really serious about it…)                 

"Every Day at Four" 18" x 24"

Where did the idea of painting ballerinas and jazz artists come from?  

EB: I have a friend that is a photographer for the Oregon Ballet Theater and he was able to provide ballerinas as models in my studio. I much prefer the authenticity of watching a ballerina’s beauty, strength, and solitude while they are warming up and preparing to perform.

Jazz is a unique American art form and painting it, I feel, is a way to draw attention and give more recognition to it. As a child my mom always used to listen to jazz music and I didn’t care for it much then however, now that my mom has passed away it reminds me of her and I do enjoy it.

Do you listen to jazz while you’re in your studio?

EB: I do! I listen especially while painting the jazz pieces. There are no lyrics so it’s not distracting and hearing instruments are particularly helpful towards the painting process.

 As an established artist what advice do you have for new artists?

EB: As you begin to understand your medium of choice and get a grasp on handling it, begin to move in a direction of your own, away from emulating those who’ve influenced you — eventually you will find you own voice and in turn make unique statement that people will desire and ultimately become established with a great gallery (like Bonner David).

What is your favorite getaway?
EB: I like the central Oregon coast in late summer when the tourists have left, and I don’t even mind if it rains — it’s the solitude and memories I have there that appeal to me.

"Another Girl In Black" 20" x 24"

If you weren’t an artist what would you be?

EB: Dead.

Is there something funny people don’t know about you?

EB: Definitely (and let’s keep it that way)!


Please come enjoy Eric Bowman’s new work, the shows opens June 9, 2011 from 6-9pm and will hang until June 22nd. 

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San Francisco Fine Art Fair

1603 miles, 36 pieces of art, 5 exhausting days and the San Francisco Fine Art Fair is in the history books for Bonner David Galleries.  On the shore of San Francisco bay at the Fort Mason Festival Hall nearly 100 galleries displayed their art to the thousands of patrons who visited us over the weekend.  Clark and Christi enjoyed seeing longstanding friends and collectors and meeting hundreds of new people.  As people caught a glimpse of booth 84, many gasped at the beauty of the work by five of our fine Bonner David artists:  Quim Bove’, Michael Carson, Mitch Fry, Max Hammond, and John Schieffer.  Countless visitors marveled at the talent of our artists and we even have some new collectors of the work of our distinguished artists.

 Thursday night’s opening gala brought in the finest San Francisco art lovers, many of whom returned in subsequent days to get another look.  We handed out  pictures of art, Bonner David pens, wrote down hundreds of addresses and enjoyed the fair-like atmosphere that makes San Francisco a special place for art collectors.

 A big “thank you” goes out to Sarah and Cher for all their preparations and for staffing our home on Main Street while we were gone on our new adventure.  Stay tuned for subsequent details…….

SF Art Fair

San Francisco Fine Art Fair…..this week! 

Artists: John Schieffer, Max Hammond, Quim Bove & Michael Carson

The artwork is packed and heading to San Francisco.  Christi and Clark are eagerly making plans for Bonner David’s first art fair, and we’re looking forward to seeing many of our California clients at Booth 84 in the Fort Mason Center this Thursday-Sunday, May 19-22nd.  We’re so excited to be taking new work by Quim Bove’, Michael Carson, Mitch Fry, Max Hammond and John Schieffer.  The event kicks off with a gala Thursday evening, and is open daily from 11-7 and Sunday from 12-6.  We are privileged to be taking such talented artists who were juried into this show.  Meanwhile, Sarah and Cher will be at the gallery to help our regular clients. For those of you attending, we’ve got a special welcoming gift for you.  We hope those of you who can’t attend will be with us in spirit as our “whole family of fine art” moves West for a weekend!

“Am I Blue?”


"Falling Snow" 36" x 36" by Liz Tran

Bonner David Galleries’ upcoming show, “Am I Blue?” will feature four artists’ work and their exploration of what the term blue means to them. Henry Stinson, Liz Tran, Christi Manuelito, and Ellen Skidmore all have incorporated blue into their work however; it might not necessarily be with the color blue. In today’s language the meaning of the word “blue” varies with context. Literally, a person could be referring to color and all of the shades it has to offer, but they could also be referring to a feeling, an emotion, or a state of mind.  Blue has become a metaphor for sky and water.

"Being Angels" 38" x 32" by Ellen Skidmore


"Hey, Cupcake" 6" x 6" by Henry Stinson

Henry Stinson uses bold colors to liven up the characters he chooses to paint, from toy robots and rocket ships to fire hydrants.

Liz Tran’s work has more of a fanciful touch with blue balloons of color placed throughout her paintings. 
The mixed media works produced by Christi Manuelito pop with geometric shapes and provide a comfortable contrast between her creative use of metal and paint.

"Savlanut" 12" x 9" by Christi Manuelito

Ellen Skidmore’s work presents delicate and spirited people dancing across her canvases. 
Don’t miss the May Issue of American Art Collector featuring these wonderful artists’ work! (Click Here to read full article) 

Please join us for the opening night artists’ reception May 12, 2011 from 6-9 PM.