San Francisco Fine Art Fair

1603 miles, 36 pieces of art, 5 exhausting days and the San Francisco Fine Art Fair is in the history books for Bonner David Galleries.  On the shore of San Francisco bay at the Fort Mason Festival Hall nearly 100 galleries displayed their art to the thousands of patrons who visited us over the weekend.  Clark and Christi enjoyed seeing longstanding friends and collectors and meeting hundreds of new people.  As people caught a glimpse of booth 84, many gasped at the beauty of the work by five of our fine Bonner David artists:  Quim Bove’, Michael Carson, Mitch Fry, Max Hammond, and John Schieffer.  Countless visitors marveled at the talent of our artists and we even have some new collectors of the work of our distinguished artists.

 Thursday night’s opening gala brought in the finest San Francisco art lovers, many of whom returned in subsequent days to get another look.  We handed out  pictures of art, Bonner David pens, wrote down hundreds of addresses and enjoyed the fair-like atmosphere that makes San Francisco a special place for art collectors.

 A big “thank you” goes out to Sarah and Cher for all their preparations and for staffing our home on Main Street while we were gone on our new adventure.  Stay tuned for subsequent details…….