Eric Boos and Robert LaDuke:Our Newest Artists

Thursday, December 8th marked the opening show for two of our new “family members” ceramicist Eric Boos and talented artist Robert LaDuke.  The gallery was filled with collectors checking out these two latest finds.

Boos, whose unusual, smooth ceramic works out of porcelain, refers to his works as “bowls,” even though they are more like basins.  Visitors could discover creative uses for his vessels as the refreshments for the evening were served on these novel sculptures.  Inspired by such internationally known artists as Anish Kapoor, the delicate porcelain is often frustrating to work with. His multicolored work in many sizes created a fun atmosphere for the evening.

Robert LaDuke’s narrative works are inspired from his own memories and dreams as well as his collections of old toys from his grandfather.  LaDuke finds humor and nostalgia exciting to paint as can be witnessed in his painting “Smoke” which details a woman teaching her dog to catch a ball, while in the background, her house is on fire.  Though the woman seems oblivious to the world around her, LaDuke claims this is often how he feels when he paints, as he becomes so involved in his art, that the world around him disappears.


This exciting show is on display until December 24th and definitely merits a visit to Bonner David!