“The Path to Enlightenment” by Peregrine Heathcote

Well known British artist Peregrine Heathcote (yes, that’s his real name) will be showcasing his latest paintings at Bonner David Galleries for the Fiesta Bowl Art Walk beginning Thursday, December 29th continuing until January 18th.  Filled with nostalgic images, the show title comes from Oprah Winfrey’s final show which challenged people to continue their own “search for enlightenment.” 

Heathcote’s romantic, prewar era style paintings evoke a romantic, silver screen era focusing on mood, color, and tone.  Perhaps this nuance is best expressed in his painting, “The Healing of Memories.”

Being the son of an antique dealer, Peregrine is a collector—of vintage clothing, hats, period cars, planes, and trains that appear in his timeless paintings.  He uses live models to recreate the human feelings he portrays in his paintings.  Though children rarely appear in his paintings, he is tutoring his own children in his studio to express their creative spirits as he helps Harry and Lottie, with a soft word and subtle touch.

 This is Heathcote’s third solo show at Bonner David, and his collectable paintings typically find new homes very quickly.