Benjamin Shamback

Bonner David’s newest artist, Benjamin Shamback, is adding a unique flair with his paintings. His work is characterized by the rich color and vivid detail, expressed in his simple, yet beautifully intricate still life paintings. Using subject matter such as filled glasses, vases, delicate flowers and brightly colored bags he creates eye-catching work that seldom fails to draw one in.

Working with oil is his specialty; however, Shamback is one of the only painters in the United States who paints on copper, exclusively. He began painting on this surface after studying a piece by Baroque artist, Artemesia Gentileschi, which was painted with oil on copper. By working with this unique combination, Shamback only adds to the depth and intrigue of his paintings. In addition, he seeks a greater discovery in his work, stating that, “the intense realism of these paintings is intended as a contrast to the physicality and harshness of the metal.” His passion for his art is evident in his work. “I am drawn in every painting, to the tension between the conveyance and clarity of information and the conceptual and technical potential of paint.”

Shamback received a BA in illustration from Central Connecticut State University in 1996. In 1999 he earned his masters of Fine Arts from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. Located now in Mobile, Alabama with his wife and two daughters, he is also a Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of South Alabama.

Not only can you find Shamback’s paintings in Bonner David Galleries, but they have appeared in movies, such as the 2011 film, “A Little Bit of Heaven,” not yet released in the US. (


Claudia Hartley and Dyana Hesson “Together Again”

Claudia Hartley and Dyana Hesson will be reuniting at Bonner David Galleries on February 2, 2012, in a role reversal of sorts.  Hartley, so well known for her colorful landscapes has used her move to the South to focus on creating cheerful interior scenes, while Hesson, mostly known for her botanical images, makes a foray into the world of landscape painting.

Claudia Hartley’s style has evolved over the years, leading to her newest works. During college, she experimented widely with abstracts. She later went through a time of painting portraits, using an impressionistic or realistic style, in oils. Yet, she missed strong, vibrant colors. Now, her love of Fauvist painters and their use of bright colors are very apparent, in her modernist paintings. She chooses to convey the love of her subject matter using exciting, bold colors in acrylics. When describing her own paintings, she says they are “happy, cheerful” and “intricate composition, [using a] large variety of colors and layers of patterns.” Hartley’s eye-catching creations of Southern interiors and stunning landscapes successfully convey her love for her surroundings, giving viewers the same chance to enjoy the world in which we live.

Dyana Hesson, known for her beautifully detailed flowers, will be showing her annual collection of conversation hearts, small paintings of roses named after the Valentine candy. Continuing with her love of nature and its beauty, she has recently begun painting landscapes, viewing nature from a different perspective. From the time she was young, nature has always been her love and inspiration.  Plants and flowers were always a part of her life. “God’s creation is what inspires me” and it is the diverse and mountainous landscapes of the West she has fallen in love with. The oceans of California, red rocks of the desert and the mountains of Montana andColorado, all provide Hesson with ideal inspiration for her Western landscapes. She hopes her art can be healing and free us, for just a moment, from the complex lives we lead, reminding people of the beauty that constantly surrounds us.

“Arizona Valentine”

 Dyana Hesson in her own words:

Celebrating Personal Milestones and Arizona’s Centennial

On February 14, 2012, Arizona will celebrate its centennial as the last of the 48 contiguous states to gain statehood. I hold Arizona near and dear to my heart, and although it is not my native state, it is my home. It was here in Arizona that I found my ability to paint and here in Arizona where I began my art career in 1990 in a little gallery in Scottsdale. Arizona has provided not only inspiration, but also loyal patrons who have collected the work of my hands.

While studying painting at Arizona State University in the late 80’s, one of the first things I painted was a rose from the back yard of my Mesa home. Since then, I have continued to explore the rose in my paintings. Each spring and fall I spend a good deal of time photographing the extensive rose collection at Mesa Community College.

2012 will mark the 21st year of my career as a professional artist, and I will be painting my 500th painting. Whew! I can think of no greater way to celebrate my love for my state and my work than to memorialize the occasion with a special painting.

Each rose in this painting represents 10 years of Arizona statehood, totaling 100 years. The various colors of the roses, united in a heart shape, represent the diversity of our home here in the southwest. The roses were grown in Arizona soil and bloomed this April at the Mesa Community rose gardens.

This painting was unveiled at the Phoenix Airport Museum on November 12th, as a part of their “Arizona Valentine” show.  After the show, the painting will become part of their permanent collection, currently located  hanging in the case near the east entrance on level 2 in terminal 3 near Starbucks.  

Limited edition giclee prints of this stunning piece will be available during Dyana’s next show opening on February 2nd from 6-9pm at Bonner David Galleries.  To be added to her invitation list which will be sent out very soon, please let us know by e-mailing

Ron Burns “BFF | Best Friends Furever”

During the show, $3000.00 dollars was raised for the Arizona Humane Society! The walls were filled with the adorable faces of Burns’ work, many of which were commissioned pieces.

Here are the 10 lovable dogs, Ron selected for his 1st “BFF” show. 


 My Marley

In 2009 during a girls’ weekend I was complaining about not having a dog because I didn’t have the infrastructure in place to take care of one.  My girlfriends said what kind of dog do you want?  I didn’t really know.  All my prior dogs had been shelter dogs or abandoned dogs.  So, as we all do today, we started goggling various sites and came up with the equivalent of for dogs.  My search resulted in matches with a few difference breeds but once I clicked on the Boykin Spaniel and saw the pictures and read about the breed I was hooked. I had never heard of a Boykin Spaniel – Have you?  Well the Boykin Spaniel is the state dog of South Carolina and is known for its agility and intelligence.  They are also incredibly cuddly and affectionate dogs.My Marley arrived from Utah at the Delta air freight terminal on October 31 2009.  As with most things in my life I was in a meeting because the flight got in early.  However the breeder called and told me the flight was early and to get the airport ASAP.  So, before I even met Marley he started changing my life.  I walked out of my meeting and didn’t think about work for rest of the day.  When I open the crate at the airport he looked up at me with these incredibly gorgeous golden eyes, and when I took him out he promptly pee’d on me – totally my fault.  Anyway that was the start of a wonderful relationship.  Now I can’t imagine not having Marley in my life.  My Marley is a beautiful chocolate brown, with curly fur and those golden eyes.  Every once in a while when we’re walking – I swear he prances!  He’s incredibly friendly to other dogs and humans, loves his walks, loves his treats even more, and even though he’s now 38lbs, he thinks he’s a lapdog.   My vet used to say that he was a drama queen.  I’d respond – But he’s a boy – doesn’t matter she’d say – he’s a drama queen.  Fortunately he’s less dramatic these days.  I do think he’s the dog equivalent of the metro sexual male.  He is incredibly handsome.  On our walks people always comment about how beautiful she is – it’s the eyes I think and his personality.  As you can tell I’m a proud mama.  This painting captures Marley perfectly, even down to the wisps of fur that sort of stick up on the crown of his head.  Isn’t he gorgeous! 


“I knew when I met you right from the start you were meant for me alone

you left paw prints on my heart.”

I first met Chloe as I was walking my other dog, China.  She came running to the gate of her house, her tail going 90 miles per hour. We greeted her right back. We loved for a long time, sharing kisses through the gate. That night, I went to her home to ask her name, so we could greet her properly.  She was being fostered for a local rescue group who had named her “Astro”.  They said she wouldn’t let anyone, not even them, approach her because she was too afraid.  She HAD to live with us, so I adopted her and changed her name to Chloe, which means “to blossom”. I hoped she would.  Her first night home, she ran straight to my daughter. She was ours!  One day, soon after, my daughter called me in a panic. Chloe was at the base of the stairs, convulsing.  I told her I would meet her at the vet’s, and rushed out of work. We found out she had epilepsy. The next 13 years were filled with seizures, mostly at night. China taught herself to be a seizure alert dog and would run to me and bark, then run back and guide her gently to the floor. There was no more helpless feeling than holding her and being unable to make it better. She was so sweet and loving and happy.  I spoke to a friend with the disease who assured me she felt no pain, and was only left with a sense of confusion.  When they started coming during the day, I ended up retiring early so I could be there for her.  The last seizure storm started Dec. 20, 2010.  She’d had “storms” in the past and we always thought “this is it”, but both times she pulled through.  The vet treated her during the day & we treated her at home at night.  Chloe was surrounded by the people she loved – my daughter, me, and four children she adored. Her seizures never stopped and we had to let her go on X-mas Eve.  The heartache is beginning to ease, but the innocence, love, and joy she brought will never leave us.


Miss Callie is a small miracle as her family didn’t even expect her to still be alive for the “Best Friends Furever” event.  Just 11 years old Miss Callie was diagnosed with a tumor behind her eye last May and every additional day she lives with her family inLincoln,Nebraskais special.  Still full of energy and seemingly oblivious to her condition, Miss Callie still likes to go romping in the snow, play chase, and curl up for a good snuggle on the bed with her masters.  Not surprisingly, Miss Callie has become quite a spoiled beagle over the past few months as she gets all the treats she wants.  Miss Callie’s family has loved Ron’s work for years, and are thrilled to honor Miss Callie with a portrait with Ron’s special loving touches.

Bugle Boy & Boogie

 My name is Boogie, although I have other fancier names since I came from American and Canadian French Bulldog royalty.  I gave up a royal life and came to Arizona, where I have made many contributions to the happiness of several families.  I am proudest of my role as Cupid: I single footedly am responsible for Mary Jane and Jerry’s romance and engagement.  Here is how I did it:  I grudgingly went out walking with them and decided to test Jerry’s tolerance for eccentricity.  (I am known for certain finicky, perhaps unusual habits.)  I planted my four feet on the ground and refused to budge.  Jerry simply swooped me up, put me on his shoulder and continued the walk.  I decided he was the right man for my Mary Jane.  Mary Jane decided that, too.  Today I lead an important active life.  I accompany Jerry to the office each day where I greet visitors and attend to other tasks such as taking depositions.  I continue to delight my admirers with my ability to dance the Boogie Woogie.  All in all, I have found life as a non-royal quite satisfying.  So if there is a Boogie Woogie, there has to be a Bugle Boy, and here I am! Handsome, athletic, tireless, that’s me.  Jerry gave me to Mary Jane in 2010 because he wanted Boogie all to himself.  Well, I have certainly filled up Mary Jane’s life.  I have also kept an Israeli Commando trainer turned dog trainer busy—and now I am a perfect specimen, well almost, of discipline.  I can walk endlessly on the treadmill without tiring.  I can eat the heels of elegant shoes on a regular basis.  I am quite wonderful, and I have certainly kept my dear friend Boogie young.  


I got Scout from a breeder in Falcon, CO.  His Mom was a hunter and his Dad a show dog.  Scout was the only cream male in the litter and looked just like a polar bear.  He has been trained to hunt and has trained himself to trout fish.  He submarines the lakes and catches his own fish.  He brings so much joy everyday to our lives with his funny face.  When he wags his tail, which is all the time, his whole body wags, he is my FOREVER BEST FRIEND!

 St. Nicholas, affectionately known as “Nicky Boy” December 24, 2000 – December 7, 2008

He was ten weeks old and weighed 4 lbs. when I fell in love with him. I knew holding him that he would be coming home with me. Nicky was loved by everyone who met him; he had enough personality for ten thousand dogs. As the commander of the house there were rules to follow and schedules to keep. First and foremost there should never be intruders anywhere in, on or near the property, this includes but not limited to: walkers with or without dogs, birds, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, tomato worms, cats, kids, and javelinas. Nicky Boy was an excellent hunter; if he had his nose in something with his tail wagging there was something there with no doubt.  Every morning when I got out of the shower he got in to inspect the tub. While I put my makeup on he would open the vanity cabinets with his snout to take inventory. He knew when it was time for breakfast, dinner and bed. There were baby locks on the cabinet in the kitchen where the trash can was stored because he would open them as well but to help himself to whatever goodies he could find.  In 2006 Nicky won the Tucson Wienerschnitzel Wiener Races and a trip to San Diego for the finals during the Holiday Bowl festivities. Although he did not win the final race he did capture more attention than the actual winner. He walked in the Holiday Bowl Parade and his heat in the final race was played on the JumboTron at the Holiday Bowl football game. Nicky had valley fever which he could not recover from and we had to put him out of his misery. He certainly did try to hang on for me, us who loved him so much. I have thousands of memories that I would like to share but I think you can get the idea that he was a character for sure. Nicky Boy is my “Furever” dog and I miss him like crazy!


Most of my life I’ve had a dog. Misch is number five. All of them come into my life and steal my heart and I am heart broken when I lose them.  Misch is no exception to that.  From the very beginning, he’s worked to live up to his name – he’s very intelligent (evil genius according to my son) and loves to play.  He often finds new and innovative ways to entertain himself, sometimes by adding new levels of excitement in my life.  He’s a faithful friend who likes to cuddle in my lap early in the morning and late at night when he’s exhausted.  In between, he’s a high spirited Boston who loves to chase balls, chase birds, go for walks, and explore his world. At night, he sleeps in my bed. He is quite often my best friend, companion and often my soul mate. When all else goes wrong in the world, I know he’s always there and so happy just to see me.


Penny was found on a farm in Kentucky with a bullet in her leg.  She was taken to animal care and control.  Since she was just a puppy she didn’t have much of a chance of being adopted with her injured leg.  One of the local rescues picked her off the e list.  Our dog sitter was Penny’s foster.  She sent me her picture and asked if I would like to meet her.  We fell in love with Penny’s eyes.  Since we had lost our two 15 year old dogs that same year we were hesitant to bring Penny in our home.  We didn’t know if we were ready to open our hearts again.  We agreed to foster/meet her for a few days.  She was so shy and timid that a few days was not enough time to get to know her.  She spent her days outside and only came in at night.  We had her checked out by our vet who said the bullet in her leg was shattered and there was nothing that could be done to remove it.  With that in mind, we felt we could not return her to the rescue since she was injured.  Slowly Penny assimilated into our house by following our other dog.  She began to spend more time inside and the more time we spent with her the more we fell in love with her.  We have watched her change from a scared and injured puppy to a playful, trusting dog.  We are so grateful she came into our lives.  She is a wonderful puppy who represents the strength of the human and animal bond.  

Guiness & Moose