“Unintended Light”

Coming to Bonner David Galleries on February 25 – March 20, 2012, is local painter Max Hammond. Embracing the pure untainted beauty of abstract painting, Hammond creates work that catches the eye and stirs you at the core. Focusing on color, form and texture, he is able to create unique paintings that evoke emotion and intrigue.

Hammond received his B.F.A from the University of Utah; painting landscapes of the salt marshes he grew up around, as well as studying the classical human form. However, his love for color began when he won a six-week trip to Mexico. There he saw color used in a way he had never seen before. The people utilized color to bring life to otherwise dull and unsightly living quarters. Later, Hammond received his M.F.A in painting from Arizona State University.

Hammond’s upcoming show, “Unintended Light,” will feature his newest paintings, which seem to emit a light and a life of their own. Hammond says of his art, “Abstract painting is the poetry of painting; it exists to converse with you in solitary moments as in the solitude it was created. It doesn’t tell you what it means, it suggests, teases and eludes, perhaps even whispers to you when you can’t sleep at night. And even as the words in a sentence may change their intonations with time so may the color passages shift in your eyes.” Come join us at the reception, Saturday, February 25, 2012, from 1:00-5:00pm and enjoy these amazing works of art for yourself.

John Burton “Arizona 100”

With the celebration of the centennial of Arizona, John Burton has created 100 miniature landscapes for his show, “Arizona 100,” opening February 16, 2012. There is probably none more appropriate to honor Arizona, than Burton, who has always been a true Westerner at heart. After graduating from Arizona State University, Burton went on to study oil painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Once finished, he realized that “art is a lifelong study,” and began in his journey. Whether it is with plein air painting of California and Arizona, or figure studies of foreign cultures, Burton continues to expand his talent, reinventing himself to showcase his diverse talent.

Burton’s technique and style is unmistakable. The deep, confident brushstrokes of his work, creates a depth and level of emotion that pulls the viewer in and it is these distinct characteristics that have been noticed by many, earning him numerous awards and much praise. Among these awards are third place in the National Oil Painters of America show in Taos, NM and second in the National Oil and Acrylics Painters Society’s annual competition. Additionally, he has been exhibited in dozens of art galleries and museums across the country.

He told Southwest Art in 2011, it is “an honor to carry on the grand tradition of painting the American landscape.” Continuing this tradition, Burton’s February show will feature 100 miniatures, done with oil on board, depicting landscapes from throughout the state of Arizona. They convey both his technique and his love for the beauties of the state. “With my landscape painting, I consider them part of my life’s journey.” Come in and see all 100 of these one of a kind masterpieces, representing a state beloved by its many inhabitants.