Creating a Dream Room

The Phoenix Dream Center is a non-profit organization, with a goal to restore faith and hope to at-risk youth, the homeless, and needy families around the valley. This year AZ Foothills partnered with the Phoenix Dream Center to create a place of refuge for girls ages 18-30, who have been rescued from human trafficking and sex slavery. It was chosen as an alternative to the annual show house, in favor of making a difference and supporting a cause. Ten designers from around the city were asked to volunteer their time and resources, to make this project a success. Vallone Design, located in Scottsdale, was chosen to be one of the designers.

Artist Liz Tran

Vallone Design contacted Bonner David Galleries, inviting us to be a part of this project, by donating a piece for the room. Through the gracious donation of artist, Liz Tran, we were able to contribute. The cheerful, uplifting nature of Tran’s work, coupled with the innocent themes and vibrant colors, made her a desirable addition to the decor of the room. The piece chosen by Tran, entitled “Lift,” has significant meaning. In a house meant to lift up young women, challenged by difficult lives, the piece is certain to bring a sense of restored hope and tranquility. Tran said of her choice, “For some reason Lift stands out to me as the correct piece for the project.  I hope it helps with creating healing energy in the house.”

You can vote for your favorite designer and the best design through AZ, but Voting ends June 18, 2012, so don’t delay.

“Oh The Places We’ll Go” PANDA Charity Event

On Saturday, May 12, 2012, the 13th annual PANDA luncheon and fashion show will be taking place at the Phoenician Resort. The Phoenix Women’s Board of the Steele Children’s Research Center, more commonly known as PANDA – People Acting Now Discover Answers will be hosting the event. Since being founded in 1999, they have raised over 3.7 million for the Steele Center, to support their mission of discovering improved treatments and cures for childhood diseases.

Bonner David Galleries is a proud commutity partner with PANDA. This will be the gallery’s 5th year as a supporter and partner. Last year alone, Bonner David Galleries was able to raise over 10,000 dollars, through the generous donations of our artists. This year, nine more pieces will be dontated by artists Quim Bove, Ron Burns, Carol Redmond, Michael Carson, Claudia Hartley, Francis Livingston, Dyana Hesson, Robert LaDuke and Jane Jones.

Bonner David Galleries and PANDA are also inviting you to contribute and take part in the bidding process. If you are interested contact Robyn Broshears from Auction Event Solutions at or (480) 636-1303 to pre-register to bid remotely on items. She will collect the necessary information to register you and inform you how the remote bidding process works. They have asked that all pre-registration is completed by Friday, May 11, at 12 pm, so make sure to contact her if you are unable to attend the event but are interested in bidding on the paintings below. Also, you can go to PANDA’s Facebook page to get updates on all the latest.

These are all the images being donated this year. We hope the event is a great success for PANDA and thank you to the artists of our Bonner David family, for their generous donations, we are so proud to represent you!

Quim Bove “Abstractions”

Abstract painter, Quim Bove seeks, though his work, to embody passion and emotion, in a way that almost delves into the realms of the subconscious, bringing them to life with each masterpiece. Born in Catalonia, Spain, he has been painting his entire life. His art flourished in Europe for many years. He was a window display director for Hermes in Southern France, Christian Dior in Barcelona and later Saks Fifth Avenue, until he eventually moved to Arizona, drawn by the inspirational powers and colors of the Sonoran desert.

Painting is Bove’s passion and pure, untainted portrayal of that passion, has become his art. His work is characterized with palettes of colors that jump from the canvas with fluid patterns of motion and explosions. “My artwork translates the relationship between humanity and the universe through a metaphoric representation of flashes of the human mind in different stages.” He paints with a rich blend of color and shine, eliciting feelings of comfort and warmth.

Bove’s most recent collection, entitled “Abstraction,” will continue this theme, taking his portfolio to new heights. Each unique, and skillfully composed painting, is sure to capture the imagination and hearts of everyone in the room. Come and spend the evening with us at Bonner David Galleries, on April 26th, for an opening reception the show and witness the phenomenal works of Quim Bove.


On Thursday, March 29, 2012, we were joined by painter, Gail Morris, for the opening of her show “Luminosity”. It was a night where both collector and those new to Morris’ work, could enjoy the magnificent beauty of her paintings, along with wine and chocolate. The works of Morris transcend the lines of contemporary and traditional, with landscapes that capture the raw essence of the scenery through their vivid hues and striking contrasts. This year’s show is no exception, with paintings that leave the viewer in awe of their simple grandeur. She paints each one in a way that “captures the resonant wonder of the land.”

Many of the scenes, portray the intriguing landscape of California, where Morris currently resides. However, she does not confine herself to the coasts or hillsides of one state, but seeks to “capture the soothing exubrance of the Western Landscape.” Come visit Bonner David Galleries and enter the world of Gail Morris, filled with light, color and breathtaking scenes.