“Carved in Stone”

The Nyanhongos are one on the most prominent families in Shona sculpture, an exquisite and unique style of sculpture, which originated in Zimbabwe in the 1950’s. Formally known as the Zimbabwe Sculpture Movement, its beginning coincided with the opening of the first National Gallery of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and was officially begun by its inaugural director Frank McEwen in 1956, who established a workshop within the gallery with the intent to encourage the creation of indigenous art within the community. Since then, Shona sculpture had a difficult history, until Zimbabwe’s independence in April of 1980, after which the movement was reborn.

Today many “second generation” sculpturs keep the style alive today. This Thrusday, October 25, at 6pm, Bonner David Galleries is excited to be featuring an exhibition of Shona sculpture. It will showcase magnificent new works from Agnes, Moses and Wellington Nyanhongo, with stunning masterpieces created precisely and masterfully from stone. The sculptures exhibit the grandeur of the opalstone and springstone, with elements of the glossy highly polished finish, incorporated with sections of highly textures rough stone, revealing its natural appearance.

Please join us from 6-9pm on the 25th and witness for yourself the magnificent beauty of the sculptures. Also, join us on Saturday from 10am-1pm for a live demonstration with Moses and Wellington Nyanhongo and see how they transform the stone into works of art.

“Happy Hour with Henry”

Come join us on Friday, October 19th, when artist Henry Stinson will be at the gallery, to talk about his work and share with you his passion for painting. Stinson’s life is full of color and that translates into his masterfully done paintings, which are equally full of liveliness and color. With an eye for the obscure and an inventive imagination, Stinson’s unique and unexpected paintings will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.  “Happy Hour with Henry” will take place from 4:30-6:00pm and we hope to see you there!