Holidays with Hartley

As 2012 came to a close, Bonner David Galleries welcomed the new year displaying the beautiful and lively works of Claudia Hartley. The show, which opened on December 29th, features Hartley’s vividly colorful paintings, inspired by her travels, most notably her recent trip to Sedona. Mesmorizing scenes of bold red rocks, majestic mountains and dancing spruce and cottonwoods, fill the canvasses creating windows to far away scenes.

Christi Manuelito, Claudia Hartley and Carri Baca at the show opening.

Upon seeing her work hung in the gallery, Hartley remarked, “This is one of my prettiest show ever at the gallery!” Hartley has been with the gallery since it opened ten years ago and never fails to amaze with her stunning works. This year, with paintings of both oil and acrylic and sizes ranging from very small, to massive works that fill the wall, there is a scene for every occasion.

Her show, “Holidays with Hartley,”¬†which is currently hung in the traditional side of the gallery, will last through January 16th, 2013. To see the full catalog of her new works from the show, please go to this link: HolidayswithHartley, or visit our website.

Claudia Hartley doing an interview with Fox 10 News at her show opening.