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Max Hammond “Pieces of Her Presence”

Pieces of her presence | Max Hammond thirty seconds of respite. just enough time to, ease the pain in her calves. colorful bags piled at her feet, she eases her toes from steep shoes. a cup of expensive coffee in a cheap foam cup, steams in the light from an overhead window. alone, behind sunglasses […]

Welcome Paula Rubino

Everyone at Bonner David Galleries is excited to introduce to you our newest addition, painter Paula Rubino. Her paintings are marked by spare, careful arrangements of people, objects, and space.  Slightly absurd compositions, elements of humor, beauty, and strangeness are sometimes employed to convey subtle social messages. Paula Rubino was born in Trenton, New Jersey into […]

Congratulations Jane Jones!

The International Guild of Realism opened the eight annual juried exhibition on Saturday, at the Tempe Center for the Arts. The gallery featured many works done by talented artists, yet the exquisite floral painting of Jane Jones stood out. Her work, “Ruffled Jewels,” won the award of best floral award at the exhibition.  Congratulations to […]