Welcome Paula Rubino

Everyone at Bonner David Galleries is excited to introduce to you our newest addition, painter Paula Rubino. Her paintings are marked by spare, careful arrangements of people, objects, and space.  Slightly absurd compositions, elements of humor, beauty, and strangeness are sometimes employed to convey subtle social messages.

Paula Rubino was born in Trenton, New Jersey into a family of snowbirds who eventually settled in Stuart, Florida.  Not long after becoming a reluctant lawyer, she changed course and delved seriously into writing and painting, living in Mexico, Ireland, and eventually Florence, Italy where she received her diploma in Drawing and Painting at the Florence Academy of Art.  She then studied etching with Richard Serrin, followed by working with Odd Nerdrum in Norway.

Rubino is not based in Florida, but also paints in her studio in southwestern Finland.


Corduroy Pockets

Make sure to visit the gallery to see these beautiful works. A truly incredible painter, her deliberate brushstrokes and delicate coloring are far better admired in person and sure to capture your imagination.