American Women Artists 25th Anniversary Celebration

AWA blog post copyBonner David Galleries is proud to host the American Women Artists 2015 Annual Masters & Signatures Member Show, marking the 25th anniversary of the nonprofit. The Silver Anniversary celebration show will feature over 100 different pieces of art by numerous female artists around the country. The show will be on display from November 12-30th.

Local artist Joni Falk, one of American Women Artists founding members and an artist in the show this year, is grateful for the opportunities that the organization has given her to exhibit her work in a traditionally male-dominated genre. “American Women Artists is incredibly influential; every show adds credibility to an artist and because of what American Women Artists did in those early years there are now more and more shows open to women artists,” says Falk.

For the last 25 years, American Women Artists has kept true to their mission to inspire, encourage, and celebrate art by women artists. Please join us in this amazing celebration on November 12 from 6-9pm during the Fall for the Arts ArtWalk.

Click here to view the AWA Catalog 2015.

Scottdale’s Anniversary ArtWalk Exhibition:

“Away from Here” | Max Hammond


“The Watcher” | 16″ x 20″ | oil on panel

Bonner David Galleries is excited to be featuring a solo show and artist reception will debut during the Anniversary ArtWalk on October 22nd, from 6-9pm. The show, featuring Max Hammond, who is been with us for more than 10 years, is titled, “Away From Here.”

In this series, Hammond draws from his dreams to create his abstract scenes. He says, “I find myself pausing at dream memories, having to remind myself they are dream memories and not something that really happened.” His paintings have a hazy, dreamlike quality to them that allow you to feel as if you’re in his dreams with him. “Most dreams are forgotten quickly, but sometimes a dream will come along with such vividness that it sears memories as clear as waking images. I feel as though I’ve met some of these imaginary people.”

Hammond paints his abstracts through layers, often during 6-10 different painting sessions. He plays off each session, sometimes enriching previous layers, sometimes adding a layer that opposes the previous, balancing and pushing limits of previous layers. Contrast is where he has made his home for this show, with more texture and saturation against chromatic grey.

Hammond’s pieces for his solo show are vivid and stunning. The range in color in his work is a testament to how vibrant he wants these scenes to be. The images, although abstract, allow you to step right into them and feel the scene, as if you were really there. Hammond’s solo show will be on display from October 22 – November 17, 2015.

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