Introducing New Artist Brad Howe

"Within This Horizon", 2016, Polished Stainless Steel, 20" x 40" x 14"

“Within This Horizon”, 2016, Polished Stainless Steel, 20″ x 40″ x 14″

Bonner David Galleries is proud to represent internationally known sculptor, Brad Howe. Currently living in California, Brad Howe began his career in Brazil after studying history at the University of Sao Paulo. His work presents the influence of inquiry into the aesthetics of various cultures and distinct movements in the continuum of art history. Having solo exhibitions in Germany, South Korea, France, Italy and Switzerland in addition to over two decades of solo showcases in this country, Howe is in numerous corporate, city, and museum collections.
One need only take a look at his carefully crafted surfaces, the plethora of colors he chooses for his work to understand the many influences which inspire his graceful work. In his words, “My sculptures examine vitality and celebrate beauty. Their aim is to capture the vigor of life and radiate with unabashed potentiality.” We invite you to come take a look at his works in our gallery. He also works on larger commissions for specific installations.

RATED “R” Show Opens Bonner David Galleries’ 14th Season

ratedr_oct2016_showsched371x270October 20-31, 2016
Behind our paper covered windows is a peep show of images all rated R to officially open our new season. With a special reception during art walk on Thursday, October 20th, we invite you to enjoy the dicey side of artists Max Hammond, Michael Carson, Karen Shapiro, John Schieffer, Todd Pierce, Peregrine Heathcote and partner in crime Christi Manuelito as they put on display graphic portrayals of the more sordid side of life. Open just 12 days this is a chance to find fine art which appeals to your seamier, secret side, in a very private setting.


Support our Shona Artists

Work by Shona sculptor Moses Nyanhongo

Work by Shona sculptor Moses Nyanhongo

Currently, the situation in Zimbabwe is bleak, to put it mildly.  Unemployment levels have surpassed 85% and cash shortages have caused the government to issue food credits instead of salaries.  Those that are not benefiting from the historic levels of corruption within the government (95% of the population) are faced with merely subsisting by any means necessary.  Recent protests have been ramping up and increasing as the dire situation is starting to bubble over on a large scale.  The response from the dictatorial government is always harsh and extreme, with the more vocal protest leaders going missing, and severe beatings being doled out during peaceful demonstrations.

For our Shona sculptors, who are largely apolitical, the situation is equally challenging.  Aside from the risk of moving around during the hotbed of protests throughout the country, their access to the various stone mines can be deemed unsafe for long periods.  On top of that, with all the news reports highlighting the instability and violence, tourism to the country has largely halted.  Fortunately, with the convenience of digital communication, we are continuing to communicate with our artists, and make selections from their recent works from photographs.

With an entire country at risk, we’re proud to be supporting such international stewards of peace, culture and artistic excellence.
To assist them in their pursuit of this distinctive art for, we are offering for the month of October only, an End of the Season Special Offer. This means special pricing on all of our current inventory only until October 31. Just give the gallery a call for details. We are working with our artists to bring in several new pieces of Shona sculpture for a special release during the month of November, therefore it is important that we support them with sales from our current pieces. We want to make sure this outstanding work continues and are working to aid our artists any way we can.

Work by Shona sculptor Agnes Nyanhongo

Work by Shona sculptor Agnes Nyanhongo

You can reach us at Bonner David Galleries at (480) 941-8500.

To view works by each of our Shona artists, please visit their pages below:

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Dyana Hesson keeps on Exhibiting

Hesson's paintings on display at the Mayo Clinic are in the gallery on the first floor of the hospital by the outpatient waiting room.

Hesson’s paintings on display at the Mayo Clinic are in the gallery on the first floor of the hospital by the outpatient waiting room.

On the heels of her successful 25th anniversary show and publication of her book Radiance, gallery favorite Dyana Hesson has opened a new exhibition at the Mayo Clinic at 5777 E. Mayo Blvd. in Phoenix. Mayo Clinic is internationally known as a front-runner in healthcare and their selection of Dyana to showcase her work by their outpatient waiting area is another indication of their leadership.

Should you have occasion to visit Mayo, make sure you make a point to see Dyana’s work which will be on display through the end of October. Also mark your calendar for her annual show, opening April 20, 2017 with Claudia Hartley, entitled “Near and Far.”