The amazing story behind Jane Jones’ “Survivors”


I love the stories behind paintings as that gives them special meaning for me. Most people don’t know I waited seven years to get Jane Jones into our gallery. Having collected her work since 1997 (yes, I own 4), no one can paint flowers and glass with the detail she does. “Survivors” is about one of her favorite flowers, irises.

Jane and her husband grow hundreds of irises in their garden every season. One year, the irises were nearly blooming when a late season snowstorm hit Colorado.  Not to have all their hard work lost, Jane and John rummaged through their drawers and found over 122 socks that they could put over each bloom to keep them warm. What a stroke of genius. “Survivors” depicts four different varieties of irises.  Their bold colors, the perfect reflections in the glass vases, and the dramatic size of this painting brings me joy every time I look at it!

– Clark David Olson