Video Tours from the 15th Anniversary Season at Bonner David Galleries

To celebrate our 15th anniversary year, we decided to change our show format a bit. Artwork will be experienced in a multi-sensory way so we can insure that our experiences are special for each guest. Show openings are now on Friday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm and are limited to the first 35 RSVP guests. To view upcoming shows, please visit our web site.

In case you were unable to see any of our previous shows during our 2017/2018 season, we have created a virtual ‘video tour’ of each show.

“Touchstone” | Featuring the work of our African Shona Sculptors | October 2017

“The Best of Bonner David, 15th Anniversary Show” | Featuring work from each of our 40 artists | November 2017

“Scents of Place” | Featuring new work from Romona Youngquist
December 1-26, 2017

“Apples of the Moon” | Featuring new work from Peregrine Heathcote
December 29, 2017 – January 23, 2018

“Max and Ma” | Featuring new work from Max Hammond
January 19 – February 20, 2018

“Within the City”
New works from Brad Aldridge, Joseph Lorusso and Francis Livingston
February 9-28, 2018

“Wonders of the West”
Featuring new works from Nocona Burgessand Claudia Hartley
March 2-20, 2018

New works from Michael Carson
March 16-18, 2018

“The Jack London Series”
New works from Gail Morris
March 23-April 4, 2018

“Building Color”
New works from Andy Burgess and Brad Howe
April 6-30, 2018

Exciting new works unveiled in March shows at Bonner David Galleries

15th Anniversary Season
“Wonders of the West”
Nocona Burgess and Claudia Hartley
Show opening: Friday, March 2, 4:00-6:00 pm
RSVPs currently being accepted at 480-941-8500
Location: Bonner David Galleries

Noted colorists Native American artist Nocona Burgess and landscape artist Claudia Hartley will fill the gallery with colorful new works based on their experiences in the West. Burgess, who paints real figures from ancient photographs, will showcase his latest work based on these historical characters from the West. Claudia Hartley, who has been living in the West for over a decade, interprets favorite scenes from her hikes and travels as she is inspired by the rich landscapes of the desert.

Join us for a taste of the West as we celebrate these two renown artists. RSVPs are currently being accepted at 480-941-8500.

15th Anniversary Season
Michael Carson
Opening Reception: Friday, March 16, 6:00-8:00 pm
Reservations required. RSVPs currently being accepted at 480-941-8500
Location: Bonner David Galleries

Gallery favorite artist Michael Carson debuts his latest work in a multi-sensory show combining his passion for music with his artistic talent. This special collectors-only event will showcase his latest figurative works inspired by music, remarkable for their simplistic beauty and well-executed details.

The evening provides the perfect environment to experience Carson’s newest paintings along with some of his favorite music. RSVP is necessary, please call 480-941-8500 as the opening reception is limited to 35 collectors.

Special Exhibit at Stephanie’s in Downtown Scottsdale
“Fashion and Art Collide”
Michael Carson Exhibit at Stephanie’s

Special Artist Reception: Wednesday, March 21, 6:00-8:00pm
March 21 – April 13, 2018
Stephanie’s, 4142 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Inspired by famous lingerie designer Fleur du Mal’s spring 2018 urban floral line, internationally known artist Michael Carson will exhibit a special new collection of work during an exclusive Fleur du Mal trunk show. This collaborative event will be hosted by Stephanie’s boutique of independent designers, located at 4121 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale AZ 85251. For additional information please contact Bonner David Galleries at 480-941-8500, and to RSVP, please contact This promises to be an exciting, distinct evening where fashion and art both collide and reside.

15th Anniversary Season
“The Jack London Series”
Featuring the works of Gail Morris
Show opening: Friday, March 23, 6:00-8:00 pm
RSVPs currently being accepted at 480-941-8500
Location: Bonner David Galleries

A move to a new studio always provide excitement and different inspirations for an artist. After a recent studio move to the Jack London district of Oakland, color field artist Gail Morris presents her latest works from this different landscape.

Working to divide her canvases into two planes, she paints the flat surfaces of the buildings as the light hits these motivating and historic scenes. Her opening will celebrate these new paintings, complete with vodka shots and chocolate, something Jack London would have loved!