Joseph Lorusso’s “Times Tender Passing” Is Not-To-Be-Missed!

Joseph Lorursso “Times Tender Passing” February 4-21, 2017 Special Artist Reception: Saturday, February 4, 2017 Time: 1:30-5:00 p.m. Location: Bonner David Galleries With his ever contemporary approach, noted artist Joseph Lorusso has created a chronology of relationships passing times. From young love to the introspection of the meaning of life, Lorusso showcases his singular style […]

Holly Wilson’s upcoming exhibition represents an epic journey you won’t want to miss!

“A Foot in Two Worlds, A Path of My Own” Holly Wilson February 2-21, 2017 Special Artist Reception: Thursday, February 2, 2017 Time: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Location: Bonner David Galleries Featuring her monumental work “Bloodline” Holly Wilson traces her biracial personal history back to her oldest native ancestor of the Delaware roll along the […]

Jane Jones’ “Glorious Survivors” Debuts January 19

There’s a beauty that’s evident behind the splendor in each Jane Jones painting. Every canvas tells a story, and each flower she paints represents survival, not only as a plant, but for what that strength portrays about the human condition. A staunch environmentalist, Jones is a hearty gardener; and she has a special attachment to […]

“Flights of Fancy”

The gallery has never had so many wonderful new works by acclaimed British artist, Peregrine Heathcote as his December 29th opening. While the champagne flowed and candy devoured, a record crowd was on hand to see these latest paintings featuring the luxurious life of the pre-war period: beautiful cars, beautiful planes, beautiful places, all inhabited […]

Michael Carson’s show was the talk of the town!

All of Scottsdale and beyond were talking about the great new works at the opening of Michael Carson’s new show on December 1st. His couples, models, were staring at the revelers from three sides. This year has noticed an uptick in international sales of Michael’s works as he becomes more and more well known as […]

Fundraiser Combines Art and Compassion

December 8th was all about shoes… Gallery artist Henry Stinson donated a painting of Converse tennis shoes.. while 5 teenage boys (pictured) wore the rubber off their soles by selling raffle tickets, each of which provides a pair of shoes for a homeless child through Tumbleweed. After preparing hot chocolate and whipped cream for this […]

Introducing New Artist Brad Howe

Bonner David Galleries is proud to represent internationally known sculptor, Brad Howe. Currently living in California, Brad Howe began his career in Brazil after studying history at the University of Sao Paulo. His work presents the influence of inquiry into the aesthetics of various cultures and distinct movements in the continuum of art history. Having solo exhibitions […]

RATED “R” Show Opens Bonner David Galleries’ 14th Season

October 20-31, 2016 Behind our paper covered windows is a peep show of images all rated R to officially open our new season. With a special reception during art walk on Thursday, October 20th, we invite you to enjoy the dicey side of artists Max Hammond, Michael Carson, Karen Shapiro, John Schieffer, Todd Pierce, Peregrine […]

Support our Shona Artists

Currently, the situation in Zimbabwe is bleak, to put it mildly.  Unemployment levels have surpassed 85% and cash shortages have caused the government to issue food credits instead of salaries.  Those that are not benefiting from the historic levels of corruption within the government (95% of the population) are faced with merely subsisting by any […]

Dyana Hesson keeps on Exhibiting

On the heels of her successful 25th anniversary show and publication of her book Radiance, gallery favorite Dyana Hesson has opened a new exhibition at the Mayo Clinic at 5777 E. Mayo Blvd. in Phoenix. Mayo Clinic is internationally known as a front-runner in healthcare and their selection of Dyana to showcase her work by […]