June Featured Artist John Schieffer

June featured artist John Schieffer at Bonner David Galleries

What an incredible talent!  As the spotlight artist in the May 2020 Phoenix Home and Garden, John Schieffer has gained much notoriety, not only in Phoenix, but throughout the nation. His studio technique, his attention to detail, and his use of light all make each painting a first-class work of art. Add to that his subject matter of children’s toys, game tiles, even adult martini glasses and you truly have an artist who paints for all generations.
Best of all, John lives in the Phoenix area, and as our featured artist for June, will be available to meet those who appreciate his talent for a one-on-one private tour of his new exhibition, now hanging on the walls of Bonner David’s Scottsdale location. As we safely re-emerge from our shelter, this is the perfect time to return to Main Street with a purpose—to personally witness the work of a true cultural icon.  We invite you to find a convenient time and click the link below to set up a memorable experience with a dynamic artist. Scottdale’s art culture is thriving, and what better way is there to spend some time on a summer day than with a local treasure viewing some stunning art?

Set up your private artist-guided exhibit tour at our Scottsdale gallery

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Artist John Schieffer show catalog Bonner David Galleries June 2020

Bonner David Galleries has reopened in Scottsdale! Please feel free to contact us: we can arrange for a private tour with proper social distancing. We can also take care of all the necessary details to safely deliver artwork to your home. We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe during these uncertain times, and that you will soon come and visit our lovely gallery spaces, both in Scottsdale and New York City.

Set up a Private Tour at our Scottsdale Gallery

Set up a Private Tour at our New York Gallery

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Mothers Are The Best

Mothers Are The Best
Artist Jane Jones oil on canvas painting "Crimson Evening", at Bonner David Galleries

There are many ways to show your love and appreciation for Mother’s Day. In our western tradition, it is customary to bring mother flowers.
May we suggest that this year, you offer your mother flowers that will last forever? The enclosed online catalog features selected works of our most talented female artists. We have no doubt that you will find a floral painting that will please your mom.

An original painting will show her how much you care… and these flowers will never wilt!

All of us at Bonner David Galleries wish you a warm, wonderful, and joy-filled Mother’s Day!

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online catalog of artwork from Bonner David Galleries, handpicked for mom, click to view catalog

Mother, definition (image)

New in New York!
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Artist Holly Wilson video preview, click to view

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Image of painting by artist Claudia Hartley, "Red, Yellow and Blue", at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona

Schedule a Private Viewing at Bonner David Galleries Scottsdale

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Announcing the Opening of Bonner David Art Boutique in New York

After 17 successful years in Scottsdale, Bonner David Galleries announces the opening of their newest dual concept gallery Bonner David Art Boutique, located just steps from the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 22 E. 81St. in the heart of museum mile.  Representing the finest contemporary artists and noted traditional artists, the gallery epitomizes the highest standards for collecting fine art.

Founding partners Christi Bonner Manuelito and Clark David Olson are pleased to partner with Rebecca Rosenfield (M.A. Sotheby’s), previously of Bonhams, who will be the gallery director. Featuring Los Angeles based Catalan artist Quim Bove’, San Francisco’s Gail Morris, widely collected abstract artist Max Hammond, figurative painter Michael Carson along with New York’s Hunt Slonem the gallery symbolizes excellence in cutting edge contemporary art. Represented in their world-class traditional collection are well-known landscape artists Gary Ernest Smith and Romona Youngquist along with British figurative artist Peregrine Heathcote and a full range of Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe.

Their knowledgeable staff are skilled at assisting connoisseurs of fine art from the novice to the most seasoned art lovers.  Offering a welcoming and relaxed setting, Bonner David values their collectors and art consultants offer confidential recommendations about acquiring, locating and installing their priceless fine art. The partners at Bonner David truly understand the importance of variety, uniqueness and personalization of the art purchase.

Rebecca Rosenfield
Gallery Director Bonner David New York

For serious interest, contact the gallery at 929-226-7800, contact Rebecca, or visit the gallery.



22 E 81 St. #1, New York, NY 10028
929. 226. 7800

7040 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ 85251
480. 941. 8500


Encore II Best Friends Furever

Ron Burns and the endearing faces of his beloved dogs will be at Bonner David Galleries for his “Encore II Best Friends Furever” show. Join us on Thrusday, December 27 from 6-8 to share the experience with us. Including dozen new commissions in addition to many more of his new works, the show is sure to have plenty of stunning works to catch the eye and tug on your heartstrings. Not only that, but if you find yourself imagining a portrait of your own best friend, Ron Burns will honor this seasons special commission pricing through the night of his opening, Thursday, December 27th.

In addition, Ron Burns will be holding a raffle for a chance to win “Andy’s Pop World,” a sold out piece from Burn’s personal collection. All proceeds from the drawing will benefit The Arizona Humane Society. The drawing will also be held during his show on Decemeber 27th. Raffle tickets can be purchased  through the gallery ahead of time, with either check or cash, by mail or in person at Bonner David Galleries; or they can be purchased with cash or check at the show.

For more information about commissions or Ron Burn’s work, please visit our earlier blog post of his work, or visit his page on our website. We hope to see you there!

Melissa Peck’s “Evolution in Color”


Melissa Peck is a very busy woman these days. A gorgeous mother of two beautiful daughters, Peck’s hardest task is finding a balance between being a devoted mother and highly sought after artist. Her remarkable work showcases the different stages of her life illustrating how she has grown and evolved. Melissa’s whimsical characters are in such demand that it is not uncommon for a collector to purchase her latest piece before it has a chance to grace the gallery walls.

With an upcoming solo show at Bonner David Galleries on November 4th Melissa has been tirelessly working away in her Utah studio. Her latest pieces deliver fresh and inspiring characters sure to please collectors and critics alike. With an impressive combination of raw talent, dedication, and flawless attention to detail, it is no wonder that Melissa has received countless accolades for her work. Most recently Peck was featured on the cover of the June 2010 issue of Art Calendar.In anticipation of her upcoming show we just had to ask her a few questions about her work, her life, and that $100 paper tab from her trip to Germany. Here is what she offered for our readers:

Bonner David Galleries: You often portray your characters wearing whimsical masks. Are there deeper metaphors or meanings associated with this?

Melissa: If I could actually convey this concept in words I would say they are like the different parts of ourselves and the different roles we play. Also, kind of how we protect ourselves, or the things we hide behind. 

BDG:  Looking back on your early career, how have you evolved?

Melissa: For one, my characters now have more consistency in the way I paint them like the eyes, nose and faces. I also feel that I have become more confident in my work and it shows; it’s unique and different. Initially, I painted in the way I thought I should paint, maybe more representational…now I have more freedom to paint what I want instead of painting what I think I should be painting.

BDG:  How have your daughters influenced your work?

Melissa: For one, their drawings and their writing. I just love the randomness of children’s writing. I use it literally in my paintings. They also have pretty strong opinions about different elements of my work. For instance the other day my daughter came into the studio as I was working on the Wizard of Oz pieces. She asked what color I was going to paint the dress of Gilda the witch, when I replied that I didn’t know she said very matter of factly “Mom needs to be pink!”

BDG:  We know you love all of your paintings, but we have to know, do you have a favorite piece from this collection?

Melissa: I am really loving “Katie”.

BDG:  It is Saturday afternoon, you are taking the day off from painting, and you want to do something fun, what are you doing?

 Melissa: Running, I love to run. Also, going to the movies…I rarely watch TV so I love going to the movies and really getting into the story.

BDG:  We read that you spent over $100 dollars on paper in Germany, how did this obsession for paper, patterns, and fabric begin?

Melissa: The paper, I don’t know, I started painting on watercolor paper early on. I love to put my daughter’s drawings on paper and I just love the way the white contrasts with the colors on the paper. I just love paper. As far as the patterns; I have loved patterns FOREVER! I have always integrated patterns in my work. For this show I bought a book while in Japan of vintage fabric, it’s actually a German book which is funny.  I used the patterns from the book in a lot of the paintings for this show

BDG:  What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Melissa: My relationships with others.

“Evolution in Color” debuts November 4th 2010 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at Bonner David Galleries. Please contact us for additional information and to receive a sneak peak of the new collection or click here:http://www.bonnerdavid.com/Artview1.asp?At=MelissaPeck

"Moore Family Visual Biography" Revealed!


As promised here is a photo of the final painting              

  …drum roll please….

“Moore Family Visual Biography”commission by Christi Manuelito

The unveiling was a huge success. Family and Friends showed their support and we all tried to hold back our tears of joy as Clark and Max rolled away the wall the to reveal the finished painting. As many of you know, this project took almost two years to complete. We are happy to announce that the Moore Family could not have been more pleased with the final work of art!

Go to our Facebook page to see photos and highlights from the evening!

Zimbabwe Tradition Makes a Mark on Contemporary Sculpture

The Zimbabwe Sculpture Movement, known internationally as “Shona sculpture,” was born in the late 1950s with the opening of the first National Gallery of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The inaugural director Frank McEwen established a workshop within the gallery to encourage the creation of indigenous art among the local community.  Before being exiled by the white authorities for the promotion of African art in 1973, McEwen mounted numerous exhibitions at venues such as the Rodin Museum in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  With his art contacts worldwide, it’s little surprise that his endeavor would spawn one of the most significant movements of art in all of Africa.

In 1973 the Shona sculpture movement was brought to a virtual halt due to a civil war and international sanctions against Zimbabwe. During this tumultuous time (lasting almost a decade) few artists sculpted and promotion was virtually non-existent.  However, after the country’s independence in April of 1980, the tradition was reborn.

Today, the Shona Sculpture Movement continues to thrive and evolve, with a new generation of innovative artists embracing this longstanding tradition and sharing with us their experience of contemporary Zimbabwean culture. With a new set of political and cultural influences, the second and third generation sculptors are driven by the social changes occurring as a result of their country’s independence.

Collen Nyanhongo, son of Claud Nyanhongo, a prominent artist among the first generation sculptors, is fast becoming one of the most notable Shona sculptors today. Beginning his career in 1996 after completing a degree in marketing he has won international acclaim, showcasing his work in numerous venues around the world, including France, Holland, England, Germany, South Africa and the United States.

He expresses himself eloquently in the traditional, yet evolving style of Shona stone sculpting while making it clear that his mark will be his own.  His work resonates with the emotions of human life while embodying the richness of African culture.  It speaks of their people and traditions, while at the same time communicating globally of the human condition at large.

Collen would like to invite you to experience the tradition of Shona Sculpture. Watch as he and his team take a project from extraction to an awe inspiring work or art!  

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=QpykrudiLd8&feature=email]
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For more information about Collen Nyanhongo, other Shona artists, or commissioning a sculpture contact us at art@bonnerdavid.com

“Infinite Harmony” Shona Scultpure Show: October 22, 2009 6-9pm at Bonner David Galleries (Location and Hours)