July Featured Artist Michael Carson

Bonner David Galleries
July 2020 Featured Artist – Michael Carson
“Contemplative Moments”

Image of oil painting "Blue Flowers" by artist Michael Carson, on display at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona and New York

Michael Carson has been called the “post-millennial Toulouse-Lautrec.” Like the turn of the century French master, Carson is a self-described people watcher. He paints figures with a soft, sophisticated touch. His works summon a pensive, ethereal feeling in the viewer. His subjects seem absorbed in a world of contemplation and inward thinking.

Working loosely and spontaneously, Michael Carson makes every brushstroke count. His use of color and light contributes to the overall meditative mood of his paintings, although he allows the viewer to interpret meaning using their own experience. These captured moments and this focus on atmosphere make Carson’s art both personal and universal and appeals to an increasing number of collectors in the United States and abroad.

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On Display in New York

Image of oil painting "Fawn" by artist Michael Carson, on display at Bonner David Galleries in New York

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June Featured Artist John Schieffer

June featured artist John Schieffer at Bonner David Galleries

What an incredible talent!  As the spotlight artist in the May 2020 Phoenix Home and Garden, John Schieffer has gained much notoriety, not only in Phoenix, but throughout the nation. His studio technique, his attention to detail, and his use of light all make each painting a first-class work of art. Add to that his subject matter of children’s toys, game tiles, even adult martini glasses and you truly have an artist who paints for all generations.
Best of all, John lives in the Phoenix area, and as our featured artist for June, will be available to meet those who appreciate his talent for a one-on-one private tour of his new exhibition, now hanging on the walls of Bonner David’s Scottsdale location. As we safely re-emerge from our shelter, this is the perfect time to return to Main Street with a purpose—to personally witness the work of a true cultural icon.  We invite you to find a convenient time and click the link below to set up a memorable experience with a dynamic artist. Scottdale’s art culture is thriving, and what better way is there to spend some time on a summer day than with a local treasure viewing some stunning art?

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Artist John Schieffer show catalog Bonner David Galleries June 2020

Bonner David Galleries has reopened in Scottsdale! Please feel free to contact us: we can arrange for a private tour with proper social distancing. We can also take care of all the necessary details to safely deliver artwork to your home. We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe during these uncertain times, and that you will soon come and visit our lovely gallery spaces, both in Scottsdale and New York City.

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Mothers Are The Best

Mothers Are The Best
Artist Jane Jones oil on canvas painting "Crimson Evening", at Bonner David Galleries

There are many ways to show your love and appreciation for Mother’s Day. In our western tradition, it is customary to bring mother flowers.
May we suggest that this year, you offer your mother flowers that will last forever? The enclosed online catalog features selected works of our most talented female artists. We have no doubt that you will find a floral painting that will please your mom.

An original painting will show her how much you care… and these flowers will never wilt!

All of us at Bonner David Galleries wish you a warm, wonderful, and joy-filled Mother’s Day!

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online catalog of artwork from Bonner David Galleries, handpicked for mom, click to view catalog

Mother, definition (image)

New in New York!
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Artist Holly Wilson video preview, click to view

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Image of painting by artist Claudia Hartley, "Red, Yellow and Blue", at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Dyana Hesson “Up Close and Personal”

Blush Flower #1 24x48Dyana Hesson has been painting beautiful close-ups of flowers for years. However, this year, with her show “Up Close and Personal,” which opens on February 14th at 6pm, it’s a little more personal. With each sale, Hesson will donate a portion to Show Hope.

“Imagine you are standing at the edge of 50 acres of land looking at 10 million blooming flowers.  Rows of red, yellow, pink, fuchsia, coral, orange, gold, blush, and white racing out ahead of you like ribbons in the wind. At times, the intensity of the colors is so great it’s helpful to remove your gaze and fix it on the monotonous blue of the Pacific Ocean near by.  The prospect of experiencing something so vast is overwhelming. There is a desire to get up close and personal with each bloom, but that’s not possible. Walking away in not an option.  It’s time’s to dive in.  

“This was my Easter Morning at the Carlsbad Flower Fields in California in 2012.  I had seen the fields on TV and in photos, but nothing prepared me for the enormity and intensity of these fields.  Immediately I though of how I could paint a whole show on these flowers, but how?  One flower at a time.

“Now imagine you are standing in front of the 153 million orphans of the world.  Children who through no fault of their own are parent-less. Red, yellow, black and white, from all nations.  The enormity of the problem is overwhelming.  It would be easier to look away.

“How can you make a difference, how can you get up close and personal with each child?

“Walking away is not an option. Its time to dive in.  One child at a time.Flowers # 4931,4932  24x24

“Adoption is personal to me. Mine is a life that was forever changed when the Walker family took me home to be in their family.   I will always be eternally thankful for the sacrifice my biological parents made, and the commitment my parents made all those years ago.

“This year, I am honoring orphans with this show.  When you look at these blooms, think of the children of the world needing care or waiting for a home.   If you take a painting home with you, you may have the honor of naming it, whatever you’d like, and I will donate a portion of your sale to “Show Hope” that helps families with their adoption costs.

“One flower at a time.  One child at a time.  It’s personal.”

-Dyana Hesson

On Friday, February 15th, from 6-8pm, there will be a special preview night benefiting Show Hope- Bringing Hope to Orphans. During this event, there will be champagne, live music and raffle items. Tickets will be sold at the door for $20 with cash or check, or you can purchase advance tickets.

Her show will be hanging in the gallery until February 28th, so we hope to see you in the gallery, so you can see these beautiful works of art for yourself!

Please visit our website to see all of her new paintings, or view the PDF of her 2013 show brochure: UpCloseandPersonal

“The Path to Enlightenment” by Peregrine Heathcote

Well known British artist Peregrine Heathcote (yes, that’s his real name) will be showcasing his latest paintings at Bonner David Galleries for the Fiesta Bowl Art Walk beginning Thursday, December 29th continuing until January 18th.  Filled with nostalgic images, the show title comes from Oprah Winfrey’s final show which challenged people to continue their own “search for enlightenment.” 

Heathcote’s romantic, prewar era style paintings evoke a romantic, silver screen era focusing on mood, color, and tone.  Perhaps this nuance is best expressed in his painting, “The Healing of Memories.”

Being the son of an antique dealer, Peregrine is a collector—of vintage clothing, hats, period cars, planes, and trains that appear in his timeless paintings.  He uses live models to recreate the human feelings he portrays in his paintings.  Though children rarely appear in his paintings, he is tutoring his own children in his studio to express their creative spirits as he helps Harry and Lottie, with a soft word and subtle touch.

 This is Heathcote’s third solo show at Bonner David, and his collectable paintings typically find new homes very quickly.

BDG profiled in Phoenix Home and Garden

When you open your November issue of Phoenix Home and Garden magazine be sure not to miss our gallery spotlight on page 163.  You’ll read a little about our history and even find us pictured with some of our favorite paintings in the gallery right now.  See how many of our artists’ works you can identify!  You can check our website for the answers:  www.bonnerdavid.com.

To read the full story Click Here

Come Visit Us in Arizona!

Lately there’s been too much talk about boycotts and the negativity surrounding policies in Arizona.  While no laws have yet taken effect, the boycotts and attitudes have already hurt our beautiful state and particularly the businesses that rely on tourism.  Today we had a breath of fresh air from some visitors from Texas who, courtesy of a Dallas radio station and a foresighted travel planner, brought 40 people to Arizona, not only to tour our lovely state, but to provide some much-needed economic revenue to businesses.  We appreciate such efforts!  Whatever your politics, Arizona remains a wonderful place to vacation, convention, and tour.  We are proud to have been a small business in Arizona now having recently celebrated our 8th anniversary here on Main Street.  We invite all our out of state friends to make a trip to Arizona in the near future, enjoy the beauty of our state and stop by to visit with us at Bonner David and see what wonderful artistic sights we have for sale!

"Nature's Magic" by Jane Jones

"Breat of Spring" by Jane Jones

As the summer months heat up changing the landscape of our diverse desert, celebrate the magic of a summer garden with Bonner David Galleries and Colorado artist Jane Jones!

Jane’s exquisitely painted flowers beautifully showcase the variety of life that only nature can offer. Complimenting each composition with vivid light and vibrant color, Jane brings out the gorgeous yet understated qualities of her subjects. In anticipation of her upcoming show “Nature’s Magic,” we had fun talking with Jane about her new collection. Here is what she said:

Bonner David Galleries: As a floral artist you must have an endless stream of inspiration; with such variety how do you choose your subjects? Is there a special process to it? 

Jane Jones: I want to portray the power, fragility, beauty and variety that nature has to offer, so I pick flowers that I think will do that.  Of course I also have to love them.  I am always looking for new flowers, in gardening catalogs, at the florist, at the nursery, in other people’s gardens…wherever I can find them.  Then if it is something that will grow in my gardens, I give it a try.  I love to see how they grow, and the various stages of life and blossoming, and how they look in sunlight.  

Then I spend some time with them to find out what it is that they can and seem to want to communicate….power, delicacy, movement, and what their best qualities are….color, an arc of a stem, the dance of their petals, majesty, humor, durability, and compose with them to show those qualities off.

BDG: Do you have a favorite flower or varietal? 

Jane: My favorite flower is the one I am working on, or is blooming in my garden.  Today my irises are beginning their annual show, and they are magnificent!!!!  And I am painting roses today that I grew last summer, and I love them a lot right now.  As I spend the time to paint a flower I see amazing things in it that I would not see any other way.  And I see it as part of my job to help other people to see the magnificent beauty that is all around us…if we take the time to see it.

BDG: Living in a climate that is very cold in the winter, how do you stay inspired throughout the year? 

Jane: During the gardening year, I set up still lifes with my flowers.  I take hundreds of photos each year and they keep me inspired in the winter.  But if I need a “flower fix” I go to the conservatory at the Denver Botanic Gardens, or flower shops just to see living plants.   

And if I am really lucky, one of my indoor plants, orchids or amaryllis, is blooming!

 I also keep notebooks with ideas and pictures and writings and all I have to do is spend a few hours, or minutes, going through those and I am fired up again.   I have enough ideas to keep me busy for several lifetimes!

BDG: Do you have a motto that you live by?


Jane: My favorite motto is “No try, No get.”  What that means to me is that if I don’t try for something, then it surely won’t ever happen.  It means that to reach my goals I have to put me and my work and ideas out into the world every day.  If I think up some goal, and think I can’t make it happen, then I can’t…but if I stay positive, and try like crazy, then if it is something that I am supposed to be doing, it will happen.   

I am pretty well grounded in my spirituality and believe that I have gifts and opportunities, and it is my responsibility to realize those and give back to the world.

BDG: You have authored many books and DVDs teaching others your techniques? What motivates you to teach and write? 

Jane: I did not ever set out in this life to be a teacher, but I have been teaching something since I was 19 years old.  Teaching opportunities have come my way.  I think I have only ever applied for one teaching job.  It seems to be one of the things that I am put here to do.  

I remember how much I wanted to learn to be an artist.  It was an unquenchable desire and passion.  When I was a total beginning painter, I was very lucky to have one of the most generous, nurturing and supportive teachers EVER!  I know that I was very, very lucky! 

Then as I went on to art school I really had to fight for what I wanted to learn and sometimes it was really frustrating.  DVDs and videos were not available, but I learned a lot from books on my own, and by just spending hours working in my studio. 

I know what it is like to want to learn, and need good instruction.  I know what it is like to have that passion and desire to create, and need help getting there.  My goal as a teacher is to help people on THEIR journey as artists.   Learning to paint is very hard work, and I love hearing that I have made it easier for someone, or that I have helped them to rekindle a passion, or find their way toward realizing their artistic dreams.   The feedback that I get from people is amazing and I am so pleased to be a part of their journey. 

BDG: Who is your hero? Is there one person who inspires you? 

Jane: I taught Art History for many years, so I have a lot of artistic heroes.  Michelangelo is my favorite.  I love the clarity of the communication in his work, and his unwavering commitment to his vision and his art during times of incredible hardship and frustration. 

There are two 17th century Dutch women who were incredible floral painters; Maria van Oosterwyck and Rachel Ruysch.  (I included them both in my book, Classic Still Life Painting.  The beauty of their flowers is breathtaking.  And they made those paintings without the opportunities, conveniences and comfort that I take for granted.  Again, they had visions for their work and realized them, no matter what!

“Star Rise” by Jane Jones

Jane Jones will reveal her latest collection “Nature’s Magic” on Thursday June 3, 2010 at from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The show will hang through June 16, 2010. You definitely must see her work in person to truly grasp the magnificence of her technique and we cannot wait to share this experience with you!

To read her full Bio and view a full collection of her work please click here http://www.bonnerdavid.com/Artview1.asp?At=JaneJones

Don’t miss Jane Jones in the June issue of American Art Collector Magazine!

For more information about Jane Jones and her work please contact us art@bonnerdavid.com or call us at 480.941.8500


Afternoon Break with Brad Aldridge

After a long and busy Monday, I am in need of a little inspiration before heading home to face the chores that await. As I finish my list of to do’s, I am captivated by a Brad Aldridge painting. The sounds of car doors, packing tape, ringing phones, and pop music disappear. All I can hear is the rustle of leaves and a peaceful flowing river. I am instantly taken away, entranced by the tranquility of this painting. After returning from my day-dream I realize something;  rushing streams, soft breezes, and sunsets are all around me, I just needed to take a moment and look!

"Sunset River Bend" by Brad Aldridge / oil on panel / 31.5" x 42.5"

 Inspired Landscape from: The Seine River, Near La Roche Giuyen, France