Claudia Hartley: The Emotional Potency of Color

“From Sunrise to Moonrise”
Claudia Hartley
February 6-February 18, 2020

Special Artist Reception:
Thursday, February 6, 2020
Time: 6:00-9:00 pm
Location: Bonner David Galleries
Call 480-941-8500 or Email for more details

Claudia Hartley’s

paintings are incredibly “happy.” They are also undoubtedly colorful. Her landscapes are an unrestrained celebration of life and nature. Originally from the South, Claudia Hartley now lives in Arizona and paints the desert. Her work has the structure of traditional, idealized landscapes, but with an entirely contemporary aesthetic (staccato brushworks and non naturalistic, expressive colors).

Hartley considers herself a fauvist, synthesizing the techniques of pointillism and post-impressionism. She mostly applies her masterful skills to depict landscapes of the Southwest. Her paintings are an hyphen between impressionism and abstraction in which color is completely set free. In tune with nature, Claudia Hartley uses intense color as a vehicle for representing mood, light, and space. She has mastered the emotional potency of color, and her paintings convey both passion and happiness.

Claudia Hartley is featured in the February issue of the American Art Collector and Phoenix Home & Garden magazine.

Claudia Hartley (artwork image) “Grand Canyon Moonglow” 60”x48” acrylic on canvas $7,200

“Peregrination” New Works by Peregrine Heathcote

Peregrine Heathcote

December 13, 2019-January 13, 2020
Special Artist and Show Opening Reception: Friday, December 27, 2019
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: Bonner David Galleries

Call 480-941-8500 or Email for More Details

Peregrine Heathcote is known for his paintings that jump across the boundaries of time and take you into a new era with modern conceptions of beauty. Internationally collected, we invite you to see his latest paintings featuring the luxurious life of a bygone era.

“Peregrination” opens Friday, December 27, from 6-8 pm. Reservations required, please call us at (480) 941-8500 or email us to inquire about RSVP availability.

Peregrine Heathcote's "Lift-Off!" (image)

“Resurface” New Works by Michael Carson

“Resurface” New Works by Michael Carson
December 13, 2019-January 13, 2020
Special Artist Reception:
 Friday, December 13, 2019

Time: 6:00-8:00 pm

Location: Bonner David Galleries

Call 480-941-8500 or Email for More Details

The new paintings created by Michael Carson have a timeless quality. His imagery transplants viewers to a world of intimate moments and reveals the emotional contact onlookers get from gazing at the human figure. The sublime beauty of Carson’s subjects is reminiscent of the “Truth, Goodness, and Beauty” advocated by Aristotle, which transcends the limitations of place and time. While timeless, the imagery in Carson’s paintings retains, however, a distinct, contemporary flair. Michael Carson’s show at Bonner David Galleries, opens during the holiday season, on December 13 and will be on display until January 13. His spectacular new work is guaranteed to make an impact on any viewer.

Michael Carson's painting "Spotless", available at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale AZ

Michael Carson's painting "In the White Room", available at Bonner David Galleries

“All Creation is a Song of Praise” New Works by Hunt Slonem

“All Creation is a Song of Praise” New Works by Hunt Slonem
November 15-December 6, 2019
Special Artist Reception and Book Signing, Friday, November 15th
Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Location: Bonner David Galleries
Call 480-941-8500 or Email for more details

Hunt Slonem, currently shown in over 200 museums worldwide, will exhibit his latest works at Bonner David Galleries, starting November 15, 2019. The artist will also be signing his book, Bunnies, on the night of the show opening. We are honored to host this exhibition and are excited for collectors and followers to meet such a celebrated artist.

“Side by Side” New Works by Max Hammond

“Side by Side” New Works by Max Hammond
October 25-November 12, 2019
Special Artist Reception, Friday, October 25th
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: Bonner David Galleries
Call 480-941-8500 or Email for More Details

Extending his body of work from his successful homage to Franz Kline earlier this year, noted contemporary artist Max Hammond will present abstract images in pairs, side by side, one in color, one in black and white, for his upcoming show. Collectible either singly or together, this unusual exhibition continues the evolution of this renown artist. His remarkable ability to blend colors will create a prominent dual effect that must be seen in person.

“Set in Stone” New Shona Sculptures from Africa

Shona Sculpture derives its name from the Shona tribe, their heritage, and the ancient tradition of working stone. Shona artists from Zimbabwe have achieved worldwide fame and exhibit their works in countries around the world.

Born of an artistic environment free from the constraints of formal artistic rules and boundaries, the Shona Sculpture Movement has become known as the most compelling and evocative form of art to emerge from Africa in the 20th century.  First appearing in the late 1950’s, Shona sculpture soon captured the attention of the West and has since been featured in many of the world’s finest museums, galleries, and private collections.

Prominent among Shona artists, Moses Nyanhongo is the son of Claud Nyanhongo. As a child, he watched his father turn boulders into beautiful works of art at their rural home in Eastern Zimbabwe. After assisting his father for many years, Moses moved to Harare to join his artist siblings – internationally acclaimed sculptors Agnes, Gedion, Wellington and Euwitt.

Moses Nyanhongo’s sculptures can be recognized by his use of contrast and texture. The combination of dark and light colors, polished and unpolished parts give Nyanhongo’s sculptures an irresistible appeal. His work has been exhibited in the United States, Germany, Holland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.  Bonner David Galleries is proud to represent such a fine artist. Moses Nyanhongo’s work will be prominently displayed during the Shona Sculpture Show (which includes new works from 7 Shona artists), starting October 11, 2019. He will be demonstrating his technique at the Bonner David Galleries during Art Walk on October 10, 2019.

Visit us for our ‘Demonstrate’ Art Walk, where Shona artist Moses Nyanhongo will be in the gallery: Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 6 pm to 9 pm.

“Set in Stone” |  Moses Nyanhongo, Shona Culture Masterpieces. Opens Friday, October 11, 2019, From 6 – 8 pm. To inquire about RSVP, contact: Bonner David Galleries, 7040 E. Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | Call 480-941-8500 or Email


New works from three contemporary artists: Gail Morris, Nathan Fischer and Brad Howe

Contemporary Group Show: 
Gail Morris | Nathan Fischer | Brad Howe
Special Artists’ Reception and Show Opening:
Friday, March 15, 2019 | 6-8 pm
Location: Bonner David Galleries

Gail Morris considers herself a self-taught painter, as she likes to experiment with layering and their deconstruction to make them as thin as possible. Nathan Fischer focuses on the composition and color of his work, creating something natural with an industrial feel to his bronze panels. Brad Howe works with bright colors to create geometric and kinetic tension sculptures.

Join us to see new works from these artists on opening night, March 15th from 6-8pm. Be sure not to miss their exhibit on display until April 8th.

Nocona Burgess honors Native American subjects in his paintings

Nocona Burgess | New Work: Homage #TCCannon
Show Opens: Thursday, February 21, 2019
Special Artist’s Reception: Thursday, February 28, 2019
Location: Bonner David Galleries

After incorporating his own style into his traditional paintings, Nocona Burgess feels a connection to them as well, and sees his paintings as a way of saying ‘thank you to Indians for their sacrifices’. Nocona’s work this season pays homage to one of his influences, T.C. Cannon.

Along with his artist’s reception, Scottsdale Gallery Association will be holding a Native Spirit Gold Palette ArtWalk on February 28th, paying homage to Native American artists.

Stunning Contemporary Artwork by Quim Bové

“Energy Confluence” by Quim Bové
Now showing | On display through March 12, 2019 
Location: Bonner David Galleries

Originally from the Catalan region of Spain, Quim Bové has become world renowned and collected, showcasing work in his home country, then relocating to the US and making a name for himself in the contemporary art world. In the last 20 years, Bové has established himself in the US as a globally recognized contemporary artist.

As he returns to Scottsdale for the first time in three years, Bové is showcasing his latest creations from his ever-changing collection. You won’t want to miss his exhibit “Energy Confluence” on display until March 12th.

“Building Color” featuring new works by Andy Burgess and Brad Howe

“Building Color”
Andy Burgess and Brad Howe
Special Artist Reception: Friday, April 6, 2018
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Location: Bonner David Galleries
15th Anniversary Season

Two different artists come together to comprise a special night with one commonality: the use of color. Bonner David is proud to showcase the stunning kinetic sculptures created by Brad Howe, and the ageless architectural paintings by Andy Burgess who is in the midst of a show at the Tucson Art Museum. Burgess will also be signing copies of his new book, Modernist House Paintings (2018). Both gentlemen have their focus on putting together a unique and colorful show, and we look forward to sharing their complimentary styles with you.

We are currently accepting RSVPs for our Special Artists Reception: Friday, April 6, 2018, from 6 to 8 pm. Contact us today to RSVP: please email us, or call us at (480) 941-8500.