Show Videos

Art inspires all of us, including our Artists! We hope you will enjoy our upcoming show season: ‘A Season of Homage’, as we celebrate our Bonner David Galleries Artists while they pay tribute to the Artists who inspire them! Show openings are now typically on Friday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm and are limited to the first 35 RSVP guests. To view upcoming shows, please visit our web site.

Videos of Bonner David Galleries Artists can be viewed here

In case you were unable to see any of our previous shows during our 2018/2019 season, we have created a virtual ‘video tour’ of each show.

Andy Burgess | New Works: Homage #PabloPicasso | October 2018

Hunt Slonem | New Works | October 2018

Agnes Nyanhongo and Shona Sculptors | October 2018

Melissa Peck | New Work: Homage #MaryBlair | November 2018

John Schieffer | New Work: Homage #WayneThiebaud | December 2018

Michael Carson | New Work: Homage #VincentVanGogh | December 2019

Jane Jones | New Work: Homage #Michelangelo | January 2019

Max Hammond | New Work: #FranzKline | January 2019

Claudia Hartley | New Work: #Fauvists | February 2019

Quim Bové | “Energy Confluence” | February 2019

Joseph Lorusso | New Work | March 2019

Nocona Burgess | New Work: TCCannon | March 2019

Peregrine Heathcote | New Work: EdwardHopper | March 2019

Contemporary Group Show: Gail Morris Homage #WolfKahn, Brad Howe, Nathan Fischer and Donald Roy Thompson | Spring 2019

Michael Carson | “Pop Up” Show, New Work | March 21, 2019

Two Person Show: Kathrine Lemke Waste | Dyana Hesson | March 29-April 22, 2019