Claudia Hartley and Dyana Hesson “Together Again”

Claudia Hartley and Dyana Hesson will be reuniting at Bonner David Galleries on February 2, 2012, in a role reversal of sorts.  Hartley, so well known for her colorful landscapes has used her move to the South to focus on creating cheerful interior scenes, while Hesson, mostly known for her botanical images, makes a foray into the world of landscape painting.

Claudia Hartley’s style has evolved over the years, leading to her newest works. During college, she experimented widely with abstracts. She later went through a time of painting portraits, using an impressionistic or realistic style, in oils. Yet, she missed strong, vibrant colors. Now, her love of Fauvist painters and their use of bright colors are very apparent, in her modernist paintings. She chooses to convey the love of her subject matter using exciting, bold colors in acrylics. When describing her own paintings, she says they are “happy, cheerful” and “intricate composition, [using a] large variety of colors and layers of patterns.” Hartley’s eye-catching creations of Southern interiors and stunning landscapes successfully convey her love for her surroundings, giving viewers the same chance to enjoy the world in which we live.

Dyana Hesson, known for her beautifully detailed flowers, will be showing her annual collection of conversation hearts, small paintings of roses named after the Valentine candy. Continuing with her love of nature and its beauty, she has recently begun painting landscapes, viewing nature from a different perspective. From the time she was young, nature has always been her love and inspiration.  Plants and flowers were always a part of her life. “God’s creation is what inspires me” and it is the diverse and mountainous landscapes of the West she has fallen in love with. The oceans of California, red rocks of the desert and the mountains of Montana andColorado, all provide Hesson with ideal inspiration for her Western landscapes. She hopes her art can be healing and free us, for just a moment, from the complex lives we lead, reminding people of the beauty that constantly surrounds us.

Starting Off Our 9th Season With Just the Right Color!

As our dedicated readers and fans all know, we recently closed the gallery for two weeks for our annual vacation and repainting. On August 5th we all returned in great spirits and excited about our upcoming 9th season. Dressed in work clothes, accessorized with big smiles and full of energy we embarked on our mission of putting the gallery back in order. After hours of hanging, re-arranging, cleaning, and reconnecting the gallery was finally ready, and just in time for the Thursday night artwalk. We opened to rave reviews from clients and artwalkers alike!

A few curious members of the Bonner David Family (we won’t name names, but you know who you are) just couldn’t wait and had to stop by early to get a sneak preview of the NEW gallery walls. The curiosity is evident with all the wonderful color guessing happening on our Facebook page, and we know everyone is eager to see the stunning results. After much anticipation and patience, we are finally ready to reveal Bonner David Galleries & BDG Contemporary 2010-2011! Drum roll please……the new color is: BEHR Windsor Haze 560F-6

Watch the slideshow below for a fun look at what it takes to make our gallery shine!


In addition Gallery Owner’s Clark Olson & Christi Manuelito celebrated birthdays over the break.
We want to wish both of them a very Happy Birthday and Congratulations on their 9th Season!