Gail Morris’ new exhibit, “Elements of Earth”

Gail Morris
“Elements of Earth” | New works
Bonner David Galleries | Scottsdale

Oil painting by aritst Gail Morris, titled "Reflections", on display at Bonner David Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona, April 16-May18, 2020

Just in time for this spring season of renewal and hope, we’ve received eight stunning new paintings from Gail Morris for her “Elements of Earth” show scheduled for next week.  While circumstances do not permit our original artist reception, we’ve beautifully hung the pieces in our gallery space and they make such a statement. Until we can unveil the actual show, we want you to have a chance to view and collect these works, so we’ve created a virtual exhibit in a flipbook format. You can view Gail Morris’ virtual exhibit flipbook here.

We are still periodically at the gallery, so you can feel free to contact us there by email. We can arrange for a private social distance tour and take care of all the necessary details to ensure safe delivery to your home.  Gail has been working tirelessly for this show and we’re proud to bring it to you, even if in a little different format. Our hope is that you and your loved ones remain safe during these uncertain times and that we’ll soon welcome you back to our lovely gallery spaces, both in Scottsdale and New York.

Here is a quick peek of this stunning exhibit from Gail Morris on display at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona:

Click below to view virtual exhibits in flipbook format:

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"Novastream" by Quim Bove

Bonner David Galleries is thrilled to present brilliant new works from international contemporary artist Quim Bove’. His latest collection “Novastream” is undoubtedly his best yet, exploring the powerful universal energies that connect us all.

Quim Bove

Art has played a strong role in Bové’s life, from the age of six when he first picked up a paintbrush. “Painting is a part of my life, something I was born with that cannot be taken away,” he explains. “It’s not something you discover or something you can stop. I have to paint; it is a part of me.”

Quim’s work is beyond words. The intricate and complex emotions evoked by his art leave one pondering on the most theoretical of subjects, philosophy buff or not. Originally from the Catalan region of Spain, Bove’ has called Arizona home for almost a decade. He frequently visits Sedona to explore the mysterious vortex that inspires his life and his work.

Owner Christi Bonner Manuelito and I had a wonderful time visiting Bove’s studio and previewing his new collection. Of course this was one of many trips for Christi, but a first for me. However, judging from her reaction, I think it’s safe to say Christi was just as captivated as I was. Upon entering his home we were met with warm sincere hugs and kisses from Quim and his charming wife.

Bove's Studio

The studio, a custom built hanger, sits nestled in a private backyard. With high walls, lush vegetation, and cozy seating, I felt secluded from the hassles of everyday life, even though I was in the heart of Phoenix. Inside the hanger an antique chandelier hung from the center of the domed ceiling creating the perfect mix of modern industrial design and elegance.

Witnessing the magnitude of the paintings, I couldn’t help but smile. Enormous energy emanated from each canvas. At first glance one might think that these stunning paintings were impulsive, such is hardly the case. Bove’s work is no accident. Starting with sketches, he meticulously plans out each painting with clear intent and purpose.  

Bove's Studio

I carefully listened as Quim explained technical details of each painting. Describing how his new medium of oil and enamel has taken his work to a new level, it allows him more control to manipulate the pigments. He showed us his sketches and talked about his inspiration for the new collection.

My mind is still swirling with excitement and joy from the studio tour! This was my experience, and I want everyone to have their own personal connection with Quim Bove’s work. If you are in Arizona you must attend his opening on April 22, 2010 from 6-9 pm (Map to Gallery). If you can’t make it, don’t fret, the show will hang through May 13th.

Updates and photos will be up on our Facebook page after the show.

For more information  or to receive a full catalogue of Quim’s work email us at or call 480.941.8500.