Art Santa Fe 2014

Santa-Fe-carriThis year, from July 10-13, 2014, Bonner David Galleries is excited to return to Art Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Throughout the event, Bonner David will be featuring artists will include Michael Carson, Gail Morris, Carol Redmond, Holly Wilson, Nathan Fischer, Mitch Fry and Christi Manuelito. Incredible art by each artist will be displayed, including several new works, which will debut at Art Santa Fe.

For more information about the event, including where to buy your tickets, please contact the gallery by email or phone at (480) 941-2500. You can also visit Art Santa Fe’s website for more information about this years event.

Gail Morris “Western Exposures”


Bonner David Galleries is excited to announce landscape artists, Gail Morris’ latest solo show, “Western Exposures.” Her work is characterized by the way she utilizes bold, vivid colors to create stark, minimalistic scenery, simulating the momentary emotions evoked by a first impression. This year, will feature paintings inspired by her recent travels, particularly throughout the West. In addition to viewing many beautiful scenes, she had the opportunity to take several trips in small planes, allowing her to gain a new perspective of the surrounding scenery. This bird’s-eye view is evident in several of her new pieces, as she finds beautiful and interesting ways to translate landscape to distinguished works of art.

Morris’ distinct style provides a fresh and sophisticated take on the western landscape, which she loves and adores.This show opens on March 6th, with a special artist reception from 6-9pm. The show will be on display in the gallery through March 17th, so make sure not to miss out.

Art Santa Fe | The Encore

Last month, Bonner David Galleries was excited to be invited to be a part of Art Santa Fe. Gallery owners Christi Manuelito and Carri Baca were thrilled to spend time in Santa Fe, promoting the gallery, sharing their love for art, and meeting new people, as well as introducing some of the art to new homes in private collections.

art santa fe

fry sale!

In case you weren’t able to make it to New Mexico this summer to see all the new works unveiled, on September 19th, from 6-9 pm, during artwalk, Bonner David Galleries will exhibit an encore show to Art Santa Fe in the gallery. All the remaining new works will be on display as well as some brand new works, not yet displayed.

Steel III

Among those brand new works will be more of Michael Carson’s “unpainting,” works on metal, using a new process. To create these unique works, he starts with a large steel canvas, which he covers with a solid coat of paint. Once dried, he then begins the process of sanding away shadows and shapes to reveal the beautiful figures we have all come to love. Next, he applies special chemicals which cause the metal to rust and tone the painting, creating more depth and detail. Finally, each piece is coated with a sealant, to protect the final product and prevent further rusting, sealing in the perfectly exposed figure as Carson had imagined it.

Other artists whose new work will hang in the show include, Nate Ronniger, Max Hammond, Gail Morris, Eric Boos and Quim Bove. The show will only hang through September 30th, so make sure not to miss it!

Art Santa Fe

ConglomerateSFINAL copyBonner David Galleries is excited to announce that they will be participating in Art Santa Fe 2013. The International art fair, which began in 2000, is a destination for art collectors and those in the field of art, hosting an especially diverse and unique array of high-class contemporary art.

This year, the gallery will be showcasing two new works by Nate Ronniger, combining bright colors and exquisite detail. Gail Morris will also have two new works featuring her lovely perspective on the Santa Fe landscape. Wood sculptor Mitch Fry has created new pieces for his “Line Derivation” series; and several new charming and creative porcelain sculptures from Eric Boos will also be there. Works by Quim Bove including his use of eye-catching gold paint will be shown as well as the beautifully abstracted figures of Max Hammond. Also on display will be the hauntingly beautiful and captivating portraits of Lu Cong. Additionally, we will be showcasing several new Michael Carson paintings, which will debut a new process, using a removal technique he calls “unpainting,” to create his recognizable figures.

ASFButtonArt Santa Fe will be open from July 11-14. On the evening of July 11th, there will be a Gala Opening and Vernissage. Tickets for that event are $100 a piece and can be purchased through Art Santa Fe directly. General admission tickets for all other times are $10 per person. For additional information, including location and details about the various events which will take place during Art Santa Fe, visit their website.

If you’re looking for an excuse to take a vacation or an escape from the Arizona weather, we would love for you to visit Bonner David Galleries at our booth in Santa Fe! To see the show catalog, please click on the following link: Art Santa Fe 2013 Catalog


“Ladies First” at Bonner David North

This past Wednesday evening, “Ladies First,” the debut show at Bonner David North in the Baker Showroom, had its opening night. The beautiful paintings, all by women artists, look magnificent paired in a clean and simple way with elegant the chairs by Barbara Barry and Laura Kirar. The sleek and contemporary feel allows each painting the opportunity to make a statement. The night was a success, with friends, designers and art collectors gathering to take in the stunning works of art.

The show, as opened, with unique pairing of chairs and fine art, will hang through Wednesday, June 26th, so make sure to see it before things have been changed. The artwork will hang through August 31, but the furniture will be rearranged after Wednesday.

In case you weren’t able to make it to the opening, here are some photos of the night.



2013-06-19 19.08.03




2013-06-19 19.48.11

Holiday Treasures

It’s the holiday season again and Downtown Scottsdale Artwalk is getting in the holiday spirit, too with a special “Holiday Treasures Artwalk.” To celebrate in our own way, Bonner David galleries will have an opening for our small works show. The show will include small works by many of our gallery artists, perfect little treasures to take home or surprise that special someone for the holidays.

Among the new pieces, there will be a collection of precious little Liz Tran mixed media works, of georgeous little dresses; each piece with a personality of its own.

Landscape artist, Claudia Hartley, will also being hanging new works for the occasion. Stunning scenes of her travels to Jerome and Sedona, these pieces brim with vibrant color and exciting scenes of nature’s wonders.

Jane Jones, known for her striking floral still lifes, will showcase two new works on Dec. 6th. Painted with keen precision, her “Summer Sweets” I and II, are beautiful gems, of glittering glass, delictiable desserts and her classic elegant flowers.

Also, at our Holiday Treasures Show, Dyana Hessen will deature her “12 ‘Dy’s’ of Christmas, a series of 12 miniature paintings of beautiful rose close-ups. The inspiriation for the series came from the history of Christmas itself.


The 12 “Dy’s” of Christmas: 12   5×5 oil on panel paintings of roses, celebrating the tradition of giving.

 The 12 Days of Christmas were declared a religious holiday throughout Europe in 562.  The holiday was celebrated from Christmas Day, December 25th until Epiphany on January 6th. (Epiphany was the day that the three kings were thought to have visited the Christ Child with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.)  The 12 days were a time of feasting, giving gifts and celebration.  The “Lord of mischief” was a local man hired by the village to organize parties and manage a group of village men to sing and give small gifts at night.  Later, the industrial revolution squelched the luxury of celebrating for 12 days, and so Christmas evolved into a one day holiday.

These little paintings are meant to bring the joy of the Christmas season to you.

Take one home, or give one as a gift. When you marvel at the miraculous ways the folds and curves of the petals conceal its seeds, think about the first Christmas night and how the folds of swaddling clothes concealed the savior of the world.

 Peace, Joy, and Love to you this and every Christmas,


With all these, plus works from Gail Morris, Nate Ronniger, Melissa Peck, Michael Carson, Eric boos, Carol Redmond and Eric Bowman, it is bound to be an exciting show to start off our holiday season. So come out to the gallery on Thrusday, December 6th from 6-9pm to see all these beatiful treasures for yourself and maybe even make one yours.


On Thursday, March 29, 2012, we were joined by painter, Gail Morris, for the opening of her show “Luminosity”. It was a night where both collector and those new to Morris’ work, could enjoy the magnificent beauty of her paintings, along with wine and chocolate. The works of Morris transcend the lines of contemporary and traditional, with landscapes that capture the raw essence of the scenery through their vivid hues and striking contrasts. This year’s show is no exception, with paintings that leave the viewer in awe of their simple grandeur. She paints each one in a way that “captures the resonant wonder of the land.”

Many of the scenes, portray the intriguing landscape of California, where Morris currently resides. However, she does not confine herself to the coasts or hillsides of one state, but seeks to “capture the soothing exubrance of the Western Landscape.” Come visit Bonner David Galleries and enter the world of Gail Morris, filled with light, color and breathtaking scenes.

“Hot Horizons, Cool Coastlines”

Francis Livingston

Can’t get away for the summer? Come visit Bonner David during Summer Spectacular Art walk Thursday, July 7th from 6-9 pm and let our show, “Hot Horizons, Cool Coastlines” take your imagination on a truly unique vacation. 

Stroll down the Boardwalk and enjoy your favorite ice cream cone with Francis Livingston or relive days at Coney Island.   You could relax on the beach with John

John Burton

Burton’s magnificent coastal scenes or lose yourself in a Max Hammond abstract, taken from his days running along the Great Salt Lake.

Max Hammond

Imagine yourself watching the horizons provided by Nathan Fischer’s bronze work where land or water meets sky.

If the ocean is not what you seek, perhaps you’d rather travel to rural landscapes with fields blanketed with flowers in the breathtaking paintings by Romona Youngquist. Or imagine yourself in Provence villages seeking out red rooftops amid the vivid countryside in the splendid panoramas from Claudia Hartley.

Claudia Hartley

If  France is too far, visit the vibrant hills in California brilliantly painted by Gail Morris. Then, take a leisurely walk by the tranquil streams of Brad Aldridge and afterwards peer off into the distance and view Rich Bowman’s magnificent sunsets.

Each of our landscape artists brings their own technique, beautiful bright colors, and the picture perfect scenery one needs for an amazing vacation. 

Gail Morris

Come bask in the beauty of each of these remarkable pieces of art and let yourself unwind from the summer heat of everyday city life.


"New Horizons: Gail Morris"

"On the Shore" by Gail Morris

New horizons are exactly what renowned abstract landscape artist Gail Morris experienced as she traveled around the world this past year. Her journeys led her to countries such as Sweden, Japan, Fiji, and Holland.  Now she is coming to Scottsdale to share her worldly expeditions with Bonner David Galleries, and we are so excited to welcome her back! Morris’s soft, colorful panorama depictions are always breathtaking. Her latest collection “New Horizons” leaves us completely awestruck. Contemporary, yet traditional, her effortless brushstrokes and lines evoke emotions reminding one of the true essence of nature. 

Morris’s passion for painting evolved from her previous work as a photojournalist. Her inspiring artistic talent was revealed after studies with mentors in Haiti and collaboration with other accomplished artists in the U.S. She has been awarded numerous prizes for her participation in juried shows and continues to astonish all who view her remarkable landscapes. Her unique style captures the interest of collectors worldwide. 

"La Mer" by Gail Morris

Morris’s newest compilation “New Horizons” encompasses her travels abroad. As an environmentalist, Morris emphasizes the fresh, natural beauty of scenery by leaving out any man-made structures from her canvases. In “New Horizons”, she explores different standpoints by altering her point of view from standing on land to floating on a boat, flying on a plane, or swimming in the ocean. This master colorist enhances her palette by saturating bright, complementary shades that truly encapsulate the exquisiteness of each serene vista she paints. Morris’s signature style is founded on her uncompromising balance between realism and abstraction in order to portray nature at its finest. This concept is reflected throughout her entire collection, which showcases scenery such as grandeur landscapes in Europe and stormy skies of Hawaii. 

We were determined to speak with the creator of these elegant paintings to shed some light on her journey around the world and about “New Horizons”. Here is what Morris shared with us! 

Bonner David: Do you have a motto you live by? 

Morris: Strive to capture, and find, the beauty in the moment. (And never take “no” for an answer). 

Bonner David: What is the last book you read? 

Morris: “A Bend in the River” by V. S. Naipaul. It opens with one of the best lines ever written, “The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.”   

Bonner David: What’s the most interesting meal you ate while traveling abroad this past year? 

Morris: Our Japanese friends took my husband and I to a lush and expensive sushi restaurant located in the mountains several hours from Tokyo. We were taken with great ceremony to a small private tea house that was built over a meandering stream. There were beautiful koi fish swimming underneath us. When the first plate came, we saw a very thin and transparent piece of fish on each white plate. It was carp (a.k.a. koi). Next, we had land snails. We eventually understood that everything that swam or crawled on the property was being served to us. We had about 4 oz. of food in 4 hours, but there was “100 year old frozen sake” to wash it down with, so the 3 hour drive back to Tokyo was pretty relaxing. The land snails still worry me. 

Bonner David: What place had the biggest influence on your new collection and why? 

Morris: The Pacific Ocean. From California to Japan. I painted the fog and coastal grasslands in California, the dry volcanic vistas and stormy skies of Hawaii, and massive sunrises and brilliantly clear waters of Fiji. I am still working on some aerial views of the ocean which are very challenging.  These should be available at Bonner David in the early autumn. 

Bonner David: What emotions do you wish to evoke from your audience with your new paintings? 

Morris: Something peaceful. The feeling that there is a story just below the surface of the painting. A sensation of slipping in and out of dreams, going from Beta to Alpha brain waves. I play with thinned paint and many layers of color to create this subtle interplay. That is why I like big skies, a big ocean, fields of grain, and vistas bisected by a horizon line that keeps everything grounded. My paintings always begin with a real place. Then I deconstruct many of them into shapes and colors. My ideal painting keeps this balance and allows each viewer to float into their own free association and creative emotions. I am not presenting intellectual challenges but I am proposing emotional and meditational ones. 

Bonner David: The best advice anyone has ever given you? 

Morris: I have received so much good advice in my lifetime. Much of it from my husband Jim and my own children. However, when I was about 24 I met my hero, HENRY MILLER, (“Tropic of Cancer”) at his home in Pacific Palisades. We became friends for several years. He told me to write about, and paint about, the things that I loved, and to never be afraid of what people might think or say about me. He gave me one of his books called “To Paint is to Love Again.” When I became a full-time artist, I began to really understand that title. To paint is to love again.   

"Soft Glow Hillside" by Gail Morris

The opening reception for Gail Morris’s stunning collection “New Horizons” will be held at Bonner David Galleries (map) on March 11, 2010 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. We look forward to a lively show with this master colorist and hope you will celebrate her extraordinary art with us! 

To read her full bio and view a complete collection of Gail Morris’s work please click here. 

If you would like to receive more information about Gail Morris or to obtain a preview of the upcoming collection please contact us at or call us at 480.941. 8500.