Clockwise from left: John Schieffer "Making Conversation", Brad Aldridge "Hayfield", Carol Redmond "Garden Series II", John Harrell "Square Rain"

On Thursday, May 10, 2012, from 6-9 pm, Bonner David Galleries will be hosting a show, featuring the best of the best from several of our artists. The show, entitled, “Favorites,” will showcase the captivating still life paintings of Cary Ennis, John Schieffer, Jane Jones, and our newest artist, Benjamin Shamback, the landscapes of Brad Aldridge, the mesmerizing cityscape scenes from John Harrell, the intriguing works of Carol Redmond and Katherine Lemke Waste’s stunning watercolor pieces.

Each of these artists will be displaying their favorite new works from this year during the upcoming show, thus the title, “Favorites.” The pieces they have chosen will not disappoint and with such variety, something will surely capture your attention. Whether you prefer landscapes or still lifes, oil paintings or waters colors, or contemporary or traditional, there is certain to be a piece that will catch your eye. With so many artists and their many new works, this show is an event you don’t want to miss, so come join us for an evening of fun!

Clockwise from left: Benjamin Shamback "Red Camelias on Blue", Cary Ennis "Pursimmons", Katherine Lemke Waste "Three Cosmos, A Meditation in Pink and Gray", Jane Jones "Gentle Lady"

John Harrell on the Cover of Southwest Art!

Don’t miss artist John Harrell on the cover of Southwest Art magazine’s October issue. You won’t regret taking a moment and reading about all his accomplishments on page 104 of the issue!

We are pleased to announce his show at Bonner David Galleries February 11, 2011. Please contact us at art@bonnerdavid.com to receive a personal invitation.

"New Art for the New Year"

Bonner David Galleries is delighted to welcome 5 artists who all possess their own distinctive techniques and styles to celebrate the beginning of 2010!  These artists have joined together to give guests a wide variety of bold and exciting works that are sure to please, from various media to contemporary and traditional styles.   




John Schieffer and Francis Livingston interpret everyday images, one through realism and precision, and the other with a nostalgic eye for simple pleasures.  

Mixed media artist Carol Redmond includes her abstract works of colorful triptychs and grids, which compliment Liz Tran’s bright and stylized outdoor scenes exquisitely. Tran was featured in a special article in the December 2009 issue of Desert Living (Liz Tran- Desert Living).  

Lastly, John Harrell brings his cityscape paintings that showcase the beauty of light throughout the different seasons of nature. 

 “New Art for a New Year” will be a very joyful and memorable exhibit that promises to be a highlight of the Scottsdale arts season! (Read the feature article in this months issue of American Art Collector…(Group Finery-Bonner David Galleries). 

Please join us on this Saturday January 16, 2010 from 1:00-5:00 pm at the gallery (map) for the opening of this exciting show. If you are not able to attend on Saturday, the show will hang for two weeks from January 16-27, 2010. We hope you can stop by and discover these amazing works. 

 A full catalogue of the show is also available upon request. Contact us at 480.941.8500 or at art@bonnerdavid.com to receive additional information about the exhibition or any of the Bonner David artists.