What’s New with Brad Aldridge?


emailGallery artist and renowned landscape painter, Brad Aldridge has been keeping busy lately. His new painting, “Winter Afternoon, Salt Lake City,” was recently awarded the $500 third place prize in the Art Renewal Center 2012/2013 International Salon Competition, as well as a $19,000 purchase prize award. This incredible painting is now in its new home in New York, where it will be a part of the Art Renewal Center’s collection. You can visit the webpage for the 2012/2013 salon, to see a high-resolution image of Aldridge’s spectacular masterpiece.

Aldridge also recently submitted a proposal for a mural of Rome, which was selected as a finalist. Although it ultimately wasn’t selected for the commission, the beautiful paintings created for the model are available for private collection. Done in his stunning and beautifully intricate style, these paintings capture the breathtaking atmosphere of Rome’s countryside.

emailRoman Countryside 1, 10.5  x 34 canvas, 2012

Roman Countryside , 10.5″ x 34″, $3,900.00


emailRoman Countryside 2,  10.5 x 22 canvas, 2012

Roman Countryside 2, 10.5″ x 22″, $2,700.00


emailRoman Countryside 3,  10.5 x 16 canvas, 2012

Roman Countryside 3, 10.5″ x 16″, $2,100.00


emailRoman Countryside 4,  10.5 x 9 canvas, 2012

Roman Countryside 4, 10.5″ x 9″, $1,700.00


emailRoman Countryside 5, 10.5 x 9 canvas, 2012

Roman Countryside 5, 10.5″ x 9″, $1,700.00

Please contact the gallery for more information on any of these paintings. All paintings are oil on canvas and will be framed.